When Jesus Shows Up

I was reading through chapter 9 in the Book of Acts yesterday. It’s the famous account of Paul (or Saul) and his conversion on the road to Damascus. This has got to be one of my favorite accounts in scripture. Paul was a bad,bad dude. Prior to conversion, he hated Christians. Then, one day, Jesus came along and shook up his world. After that, Paul was never the same.

I like the story of Paul because it’s such a great illustration of what happens when Jesus shows up in our lives. There is no denying His presence. He comes along and your life and your perspective are never the same again. It’s true in scripture and it’s true today, when people meet Jesus, their world is turned upside down.

When people experience Jesus, there is no doubt in their minds that He is who He claims to be. They have now seen Him at work. Their own lives have been touched. They have now felt the power that comes from His hands. They are recipients of His grace. They have been given a second chance. They become deeply aware of the fact that they didn’t even deserve the first chance. And, like Paul, they live the remainder of their days in deep gratitude and praise by serving the One who made it all possible.

7 thoughts on “When Jesus Shows Up

  1. Lisa

    When Jesus shows up everything else fades away. Our lives are changed and we will never be the same again. I want Jesus to turn my world upside down.

  2. Allison

    Once you've experienced the goodness of God you can't do anything but live your life in appreciation and awe of who He is!

  3. My daily walk in His grace!

    Hi Eileen. Excellent post. I think because what you say here is true, when your trials get really bad, and it hurts every day – despite that, you would rather do it with Jesus than without. In looking back, I am only where I am today because of Him. I should be further, but thats because of me. Thank goodness for His grace and mercy.
    God bless

  4. Jenifer

    Great post! After you truly experience Christ, you can NOT deny Him. He is so very real and desires to be with us.

  5. Kandi


    Great post! It is hard to describe the transforming power of Jesus, what you said is true once we accept Christ everything changes, our perspectives our lives our awareness is forever changed and we are never the same. Our worst day with God is far better than our best day without Him.

    Blessings to you Eileen.

  6. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Amen Eileen! Being transformed by the power of Christ is a life-changing experience, and one I'm very thankful for.

    Great post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. Tiffini

    Oh Eileen…that it always be so yes? I love your heart..your transparency..the way you write life. Once we meet Him we are never the same..just want to thank Him and thank Him:)


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