When Joy Seeps Out

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I thought it only appropriate to drink coffee from my favorite mug this morning.

I love how joy can be seen and felt and heard.

I saw joy in my mom’s eyes shortly before she left this earth and went home to be with her Savior.

I felt joy the first time the doctor handed me my little boy and my husband and I embarked on our new adventure as mommy and daddy.

I heard joy on my first mission trip as our team stood together with the Dominican people. Two countries, two languages coming together and singing praises to one God.

Joy can’t be contained.
It wells inside us. It touches every corner of our heart. It overflows. It searches for other hearts to touch.

12 thoughts on “When Joy Seeps Out

  1. aconstantpursuit

    my first time with 5 minute friday…love your words that joy "wells inside us"
    May we all be nothing more than cups overflowing with Joy to all that we meet.

  2. Jen@ADropintheBucket

    Isn't amazing, the love that we feel when we get to hold our children for the first time? Never knew that kind of joy existed until that moment, but so glad I did.

  3. Jenifer

    I love your view of joy. I absolutely love to watch people worship. That is such an awesome joy. And holding your babies for the first time….JOY! 🙂 Great post Eileen!

  4. Triple Braided

    So perfect! I'm going to my first mission trip to Africa in November. I know that it will bring an indescribable joy.

    Thank you!!

  5. arnyslight

    You know…it's so amazing…how we feel the most JOY…when it's something OUT side ourselves!!!


  6. Allison

    I'm reminded of the song by Chris Tomlin: Joy, unspeakable joy! Joy at all times, good and bad! Love the coffee cup 🙂

  7. Beck Gambill

    LOVE that, "it searches for other hearts to touch"! It is contagious isn't it. I suppose just as all the other fruit of the Spirit joy is meant to nourish hearts around us.

  8. Lisa

    I just love your title, Eileen. When we are full of Christ, joy just seeps out – we can't contain it. We have joy unspeakable and full of glory. 🙂 Love this today!

  9. Eileen

    aconstantpursuit: Glad you linked up. Thanks for stopping by! "cups of overflowing joy" sounds perfect. 🙂

    Jen: you are so right, nothing quite like it!

    TripleBraided: Very nice! I hope your trip filled with joy and His presence.

    Arny, I think you are right. When we stop living as if it is all about us, we discover the most joy when we are serving others and being a part of community.

    Allison, great song!

    Jennifer, thank you! I hope so.

    Beck, "joy is meant to nourish the hearts around us." I like that!

    Lisa, thank you! It seems to be seeping all over the place today, too!


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