When the Answer Turns Out to Be Right in Front of You


Sometimes God’s answer ends up being right in front of you and it’s just not time for you to see that answer yet.

This is the thought that’s crossed my mind several times this week while driving up one strip of road in Dalton, GA. Two years ago, my family and I picked up our life in North Carolina and headed down to my husband’s home state of Georgia.  During that season, I watched God open and close many doors along the way. It was a season filled with so many unknowns. But, I  also watched as God took the puzzle pieces of our life and rearranged them to where He wanted them all to fit.

For the first couple of months of that new chapter we were essentially “homeless.”  My husband’s brother invited us to live with him until we could find a place to live.  Every few days I would make the trip into town and pick up our forwarded mail at the post office. Before leaving the parking lot, I would sit in my car and look through what we had received.

We didn’t have a home. Our mail didn’t have a home. And, yet, I knew we were exactly where God wanted us to be.

Sometimes God’s answer ends up being right in front of you and it’s just not time for you to see that answer yet. 

Two weeks ago I started working at my church part-time.  The church campus is just two blocks up from this particular post-office.  As I’ve commuted to and from the office this week, I can’t help but think back on that season of sitting in my car and being completely clueless to the fact that one of the puzzle pieces God had in mind was essentially right in front of my face…it just wasn’t time for the piece to be placed on the table yet.

I’m not sure if things like this excite anyone else…but they do me.  I love knowing that two years ago God saw how the picture was going play out.  I love how He orchestrates even the tiniest details of our day to bring us to where we need to be.  I will never get tired of catching glimpses of how God is continually moving and working in our lives.

“Remain suspicious that God is up to something good.”   Margaret Feinberg

I read this quote for the first time earlier this year during a Bible study I was doing with some other ladies at my church.  It popped into my brain again yesterday as I drove by the post office. That quote accurately describes how I was feeling so many times as I sat in the post office parking lot two years ago.  There was a peace inside of me and a feeling of anticipation at the beginning of that new chapter.  I had no idea what details would be waiting up ahead, but there was this part of me that was so excited to find out.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes following Christ reminds me of being a kid at Christmastime. Every day, when we open our eyes, there are gifts from Him waiting for us under the tree.  And, I don’t want to overlook a single one!  Sometimes, I feel like I’m five years old again trying hard not to burst from anticipation and hope.

Thank you, Father, for taking your little girl by the hand and promising to never ever let go.

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