When the Weight Lifts and Peace Arrives

While walking my dogs this morning I began thinking about one lesson I seem to be learning over and over again with regards to worry, anxiety, and over-thinking. Really wish I could learn this lesson once in life and be done with it, but I’ve reached mid-life and I’ve yet to master the art of never worrying.

When my mind spins endlessly on anything in particular, I eventually arrive at that place where I know I have to release it in order to find peace. Lately, when I finally do get to this productive crossroads, I even go so far as to say it out loud.

Okay, Lord, if there is something that needs changing, would show me what it is or, better yet, would You just go ahead and change it? Lord, if You need to take something away in order to make room for what’s best, would You do that too?

For some reason, whenever I pray this way, the weight lifts and peace arrives.

Unclenched fists. If I had to wager a guess on what this journey through life is primarily about, I think learning to live with unclenched fists will be the big picture takeaway.

Everything important seems to revolve around this posture of open hands.

You can’t give without this posture.
You can’t receive without this posture.
You can’t grow or heal without this posture.

“I reach out for you. I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for rain.” Psalm 143: 6

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