Why I’m Stubborn…

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Why I’m stubborn

…because people could offer me a thousand different reasons why faith in an unseen God makes no sense at all and I would probably nod my head in agreement with many of the arguments.  You are right, that doesn’t make sense to me either.  Yep, that seems crazy!  

Still not changing my mind!

My stubbornness stems from the fact that all I have to do is think back on the moment when Jesus sealed the deal in my heart and the many things about my faith that I still don’t understand and I still can’t explain go from the “I need to know why” pile in my heart over to the “I know You’ve go this, God”  pile in my heart.

I once had a friend ask me an interesting question about my faith in Christ. The question basically had to do with being predisposed to a certain religion and then choosing that one. Do you think that adhering to a single doctrine short changes your quest?

I’ve thought about that question quite a bit over the years. You could say that I was predisposed to Christianity. When I was a little girl, I was taught that Jesus was my Savior. I easily and quickly agreed.  Yet, as I look back on this faith, I know it was (in many ways) fed to me.  It wasn’t really me doing the seeking and trusting and believing. I’ve always said that, for years, I kind of rode along on the coattails of my mom’s faith.  And, I didn’t realize how little faith and trust I had in God until my mom was gone.  When the “rock” in my life was gone…my so-called faith crumbled.

Do you think that adhering to a single doctrine short changes your quest?

Here are two thoughts I have to the question. I look at my relationship with Jesus similar to the commitment a husband and wife have to one another. The Bible even attempts to explain it to us in this manner too.

When we find the person we want to spend the rest of our life with then wouldn’t we think it weird to still have a desire to keep dating other people?  This is a good indication that we either haven’t found the person we should spend our life with OR we have commitment issues that need to be addressed.

When we find the “ONE” we stop looking.  Our heart is full.  Our heart is content.  We have found the love of our life.

Now, that’s not to say we should stop working on the relationship. That mistake happens a lot in marriages too. We find the one we desire to spend our life with but then we run into problems because we stop seeking to make the relationship better. We stop trying to get to know our partner better.  We stop communicating with one another. I think this is often the same mistake we make with Jesus.

We have found the PERFECT MAN (figuratively and literally) but when situations or circumstances arise that rock our relationship do we run closer to Him or do we pull away? A good marriage union knows that, during rough time, you must take a step closer to one another…not a step back.  A healthy couple knows they must walk through the dark together in order to survive.

Do you think that adhering to a single doctrine short changes your quest?

One more thought on this question. I hate the word doctrine. If I was exclusively adhering to doctrine this faith walk would be absolute agony.  But, instead, this faith walk is exciting and full of new and interesting paths every single day!  I don’t get it right every step of the way. In fact, I’ve made lots of mistakes.  But, thank the Lord, each I time I do, I don’t run back to the everlasting arms of doctrine.  No, I run back to Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Stubborn…

  1. Rick

    I came to believe in Christ by getting beaten bloody by everything else I turned to; later, when I realized that it was not I who did the pursuing, but He, I got goosebumps. It may not make sense to some – but for the people that God has sent out as ambassadors (and that I get the pleasure and the privilege of calling brother and sister) it makes all the sense in the world.

    Does that mean there aren’t days when something happens that causes pain, or falls outside of what I know or understand? No – there have been and will be days like that – but I hold fast to the fact that nothing I’ve ever learned, felt, or experienced has caused me to doubt His love for me or for this world.

    Good one Eileen!


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