1/2 Marathon Musings

Things I pondered while running my first 1/2 marathon

You know that the guys who start the race already missing their shirts are some serious running dudes. I was fairly certain they would not be behind me.

The fanny pack that can hold 3 water bottles…how cool is that?!

Those people who are able to run for 2 minutes then walk for a minute then run for 2 minutes then walk for minute… I wonder if they are they same people who enjoy the agony of hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock multiple times. 🙂

One of the advantages to being in the back half of the race. I was on mile 3 when the leaders of the race started to pass by me, they were already on mile 10. For two or three miles I was in a state of awe. My mind stayed occupied watching them and I was able to entertain myself by cheering for each one as they passed by me….I even yelled out “You’re my hero!” once. It was fun.

Realized every so often that I was wearing a big silly grin on my face.

Got to mile 8 and thought…wow…in the 38 years that I have been alive I have never run more than 8 miles at one time. This was new uncharted territory for me and I was loving it!

I was beginning to drag at mile 11 but then remembered that I was going out for sushi with friends later in the evening…that happy thought alone supplied me with enough adrenaline to keep me moving for at least a 1/2 mile.

At 12 1/2 miles the song All Because of Jesus randomly started playing on my iPod. Pretty nice way to end my run. Think I will end this post with that song too.

5 thoughts on “1/2 Marathon Musings

  1. Tiffini

    SO SO happy for you…here's a big HUG! and sushi..that would keep me motivated for 1/2 a mile. I had some last night;) WOW! this must feel like…amazing. I so hope I get to complete one this year. I am just starting to train for a 5k again. Being sick and off for 8 weeks has put me way back. But that is ok..I am not letting that stop me:)
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Eileen

    Thanks guys. And Tiffini, love your attitude. Yesterday, I just had to keep reminding myself not to focus on how much further I still needed to go…I would simply focus on the step right in front of me. If I can do it…any one can do it!!

  3. Jen

    Congratulations! I think I need to go back and read some earlier posts — you hadn't run more than 8 miles and you were running a half-marathon! Wow!


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