12 Months and Countless Breadcrumbs


Wow, it’s hard to believe.  2015 is almost a wrap. It’s gone by quickly.  I went back this morning and gathered up some of this year’s memories from traveling the scenic route. I’ve posted 12 posts from the last 12 months. They contain a little bit of my favorite things about this journey: redemption, hope, faith, joy, beauty, acceptance and love. It was fun to look out the window and take in the lessons and the beauty again.  I need the lessons.  I need the reminders. God is faithful and I’ve seen the breadcrumbs.

Looking forward to holding onto His hand and traveling with Him through 2016.  I hope you all have a beautiful New Year!

Could You Love Me For Me

Open a New Door and Step Into Your Future

How a Faith Journey Might Look Like a Dress

Redeem This Lord, Redeem Even This

The Bravest Request We Can Make

When the Answer Turns Out to be Right in Front of You

One Pharisee and One AA Meeting

The Beauty of Coming Home

14 Years Later and I Still Only Know One Thing For Sure

Trusting the Giver of Strength

Sometimes a Heart Can Break and Rejoice All at the Same Time

Pondering the Thrill of Hope

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