12 Years of Memories

After 12 years in North Carolina, tomorrow is my last day. The best years of my life (so far) have been here.  I thought I would share just a few things I will miss doing and seeing.

These regular visitors in my back yard

Driving over the Perquimans River. I’ve made this trip at least 7000 times. I love seeing the sunrise over the water.

2012-10-31 07.23.31

Seeing these cotton rolls on the side of the road. For some reason, they make me hungry for sushi. 😉

2012-11-06 09.22.15

Sushi at my favorite restaurant

Summer day trips to the beach


Walks and bike rides around our neighborhood loop


My hydrangea bush. I can’t keep plants alive…but this was here when I moved into my house…and, thankfully, it doesn’t need my help to survive!


Beautiful friends


9 thoughts on “12 Years of Memories

  1. Kelli Wommack

    I am a Georgian! You will have to email me and let me know where you are moving to! Though you will definitely not experience those exact same things again, I hope you will grow to love GA. Let me know how I can help you get acclimated. Anything to help a She Speaks girl!

    P.s. we do have sushi here.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thank, Kelli! Whereabouts are you. My hubby and his family are from Rome. We will be living around the Dalton area.

  2. Mike Gothard

    Can’t believe it’s been twelve years. North Carolina will be the lesser without you, Roger, and Sean.


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