2013 In Review

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I recently took some time to look back on the top viewed posts on The Scenic Route over the last year.  So, today, I decided to share some of the most popular ones from 2013.  I’ve chosen the most viewed ones for each month of the year.  Enjoy!

January–  Into the Beautiful  God’s Wunderlist
This post was interesting to reread. When I first wrote this I had no clue what “inconveniences” were waiting around the corner for me and my family.

February– I’m Done Chasing Your Dream
Amazed at how much this post resonated with my readers. I was reminded that I wasn’t alone. So many of us get sidetracked as we journey through life.

March– Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone…My First Vlog
The title of this post says it all. I timidly left my comfort zone and shared (on video) a portion of my testimony and journey with addiction.

April– Today, I Run For Them
In this post, I share about running in honor of the Boston Marathon runners who were not able to cross the finish line.

May– 12 Years of Memories
This was the last post I wrote living in North Carolina. I share some pictures from that 12 year journey.

June– Live Expectantly Without Expectations
I’ve discovered that real life requires me to live expectantly without expectations. I share more about that in this post.

July–Will You Believe This Today?
My mom died on a Sunday 22 years ago. In this post I share about what my life looked liked on other “Sunday” anniversaries.

August– Dirty Feet
In this post I wrote about my dirty feet…yes, my dirty feet.

September– Lessons in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot
A reminder that the stops and pauses in our life can actually be done more effectively and productively if we take the time to do this.

October-Distracted By the Wrong Questions
I have this bad habit of wasting too much time worrying about figuring things out. In this post I share an alternative to having all the answers.

November– The Day Beauty Will Play On
In this post I share how those moments of missing someone we love make us more aware of the absence of something beautiful and precious in our lives.

December– The Day After Christmas
We often have post holiday blues because seasons of gratitude, hope & love were never intended to be seasons.

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