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This is a picture of my mom. It was taken many years before I was born and even before my mom and dad were married. But, for some reason, it’s my favorite picture. She looks so happy. This July will mark 21 years since my mom went hope to be with the Lord. In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share 21 memories with you today:

1. Sitting at the kitchen table and playing countless games of Scrabble.  And yes, I credit my love for this game to her.

2.  Listening to her sing and play guitar while she shared with me a new song that she wrote.

3.  Watching her as she sat on the floor in our hallway with our shivering dog who feared thunderstorms.  She would cover his eyes with a pillow and gently stroke his back.

4.  Curling up together in the evening and reading a book to her…usually a new Beverly Cleary book.

5.  Sitting in Carl’s Jr on Friday afternoon after school, drinking a Coke and sharing an order of fried zucchini.

6.  Eating popcorn and watching The Sound of Music together…year, after year, after year.

7. Riding home from school one day and watching my mom pull off of the rural Arizona road to talk to a young man whose car had broken down. She cracked the window when he reached for the door handle and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t give you a ride, but when I get home I can call someone to come pick you up if you want to tell me who to call.”  The man gave my mom his mom’s phone number.  That mom was thrilled to receive my mom’s phone call.

8 Making her lunch when she became ill.  Velveeta Shells & Cheese was the most popular request.

9 The hours I was blessed to spend with her on the Sunday she died.

10 For all her reminders to seek the beautiful in the midst of life’s struggles.  Not so much with her words, but more by the way she lived her life.

11.  Laughing together about things that only a mom and her daughter would find funny.

12.  Taking walks together

13.  Lying down in the bed next to her when she was having one of her painful migraine headaches.  She had a water-bed (remember those) and I always had to climb onto it slowly and gently to assure I didn’t make too many waves.

14.  Stretching out on the couch in the evening while she read.  One hand would hold her book, the other would tickle my legs while I stretched them out over her lap.

15.  The conversation we would often have.
“You know, Mom, you’re my favorite Mom” I’d say.
And she would respond, “And, you’re my favorite daughter.”
As the only daughter (I have two brothers) it was our little, silly way of saying we loved one another.

16. One summer my mom was called for jury duty. I accompanied her every day and sat in the court room to listen to the attempted murder case. The woman on trial was convicted and sent to prison. My mom was touched by her situation and reached out to the woman. They wrote letters to one another for years.

17. Listening to my mom share her testimony at church one Sunday morning.  It happened to be Christmas that Sunday.

18. Going to a sleep over at a friend’s house and drifting off to sleep thinking about my mom…convinced that, surely, she was missing me as much as I was missing her.

19. Sitting on our back deck with two other teens from our church as my mom led us in a summer Bible study.

20. Having her incredible support and her guidance during my shy and awkward school years.  She was definitely this teenager’s best friend.

21. Her beautiful smile.

So what about you?   What are some of your favorite Mom memories? And, if you are a mom or dad, what do you hope your children will remember about you?

12 thoughts on “21

    1. Eileen Post author

      I loved your post! And yes, this is why I’ve placed your mom in the “Cool Mom” category. 😉

  1. Mike Gothard

    Eileen, I wish I had known your mom. Something tells me that because I know you, I did know her. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Sean has a wonderful mother.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I think the two of you would have liked each other…except she was more of a tea drinker instead of a coffee drinker. It was her only fault 😉

      1. Mike Gothard

        There’s something to be said about a nice cup of tea. Back in my office days I would try to drink at least once cup a day, which, when balanced with 11 cups of coffee was just perfect 🙂

  2. Tracy

    I didn’t come to know Jesus as my Savior until I was in my twenties, so when I felt it was time to get baptized my mother and I lived in separate states. When she heard about my baptism, she booked a flight so she could witness those 5 minutes of my life. She flew in and flew back out. There have been many other important moments of my life- but she hasn’t made the decision to fly out for them. This has always communicated volumes to me Eileen! Her battle with breast cancer took a turn this week. I posted on my blog about it yesterday and shared that this mothers day I am going to celebrate the miracle that she is! Eileen, thank you for letting me read more about your miracle mother too. You have continued her legacy of awesomeness! God bless!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Oh Tracy. Heading over right now to read your post. Breast cancer was what my mom battle too. I LOVE the memory you shared about your mom traveling all that way to see you be baptized. That is awesome!

  3. Tracy

    Wow Eileen, that is so beautiful! I’m sure your mom is smiling with joy at your fond memories. God bless and have a great weekend

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