A Conversation With My Son

Last night on the drive into town my 8 year old son and I had the following conversation:

Son:  Mom, what is your favorite song?

Me:  Oh boy, Honey,  I will have to think about that.  I have so many songs that I’m loving right now.  What is your favorite song?

Son:  Well, I don’t know the name. I’ve just heard it on the radio a lot.

Me:  Well, how does it go?

Son:  Part of it goes like this…”Tell me, once again, who I am to You.  Who I am to You.”

Me:  Oh, Honey, I love that song too!

Son:  Yeah, I love the rhythm.  And sometimes when I’m feeling nervous, I think about that song.  It calms me down.

Sigh. Me too.

Perhaps you are feeling a little anxious today too. May the God of Peace remind you who you are and who you belong to!

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