A Glorious Adventure

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I read these words this morning and joy filled my heart. It describes, so accurately, the beauty of living our lives with anticipation that the One we place our faith and trust in is up to something incredible. He is at work every moment of every day.

These words do a good job at explaining why, more often than not, I look forward to jumping out of bed at 5am. ¬†Well, this and the thought of my first cup of coffee. ūüôā ¬†Over the years, life has become a beautiful adventure and I’m learning to be content¬†with only¬†seeing or¬†fully understanding a small fraction of the journey. ¬†We can’t seem to avoid life’s¬†sad and hard¬†seasons, but¬†I am thankful I¬†can glance in the rearview mirror and see a trail of His faithfulness scattered along¬†the path, calming and reassuring the eyes of my heart.

As we journey further up the path, I¬†love that our current circumstances don’t have to be perfect in order for us to experience this joy and this abiding¬†peace.

This Perfect Love takes up permanent residence inside us, always ready to equip us with His strength, always at the watchtower ready to calm the raging seas, always ready to flood our dark with His light.

Today is another day to look for all the gifts hiding in plain sight.

Pouring myself another cup of coffee now…I don’t want to miss a single one.

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