A Life with Less Pepperoni

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My son and I decided to go out for pizza last night.  My husband had a meeting and wouldn’t be home until later. As dinnertime approached, I caught the “let’s do something different tonight” bug. Sometimes it’s also called the “I don’t feel much like cooking” bug. We decided to venture down to Pizza Hut, opting to eat our meal there rather than picking it up and bringing it home.  We had not yet eaten at this well-known pizza joint since moving to the area. We ordered a medium pepperoni pizza.

When our order arrived, I was a little surprised by the amount of pepperoni on our pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pizza dressed up with that many salty circles.  My son and I went to work picking off several circles and setting them aside.  I guess I should have informed our server that we like pepperoni…but we just don’t like like pepperoni.  My ideal pizza to pepperoni ratio would be 1 to 3.  1 slice of pizza for every 3 pieces of pepperoni…not 1 to 6 ( or 7).  Call me crazy but I actually like to taste the cheese, crust, and sauce too.

My son and I started discussing how this excess issue is so common nowadays.  I shared with him how portion sizes have gotten quite a bit larger over the years,  When I was a kid, hamburgers at fast food restaurants used to be small, like the kid size hamburgers. Today, hamburgers are twice the size they used to be.  And, we even have the option to super size that. Or, in the case of the heaping supply of pepperoni on our pizza last night, sometimes it’s just the way foods are prepared and sold these days.

Last night, our server did what I’ve seen so many servers do. They brought me another Coke before I was done drinking the first one.  I still had a 1/3 of my first one left when a new large glass of liquid arrived at our table. When we left to go home, I had not even taken the first sip out of the new delivery. Had she asked beforehand, I would have declined the second one.

Last night, it dawned on me, I crave the days of less.

Years ago, I used to enjoy watching that show Extreme Home Makeover. I loved watching the builders and designers bring joy to families who were crammed into a one bedroom apartment or living in a dilapidated shoe box. Although, as time went by, I stopped watching the show.  It reached a point where the builders would attempt to outdo their last design. The next house had to be bigger. It had to be better. A modest 3 bedroom 2 bath house was not good enough any more.

During the holidays, I tend to get a little depressed while out shopping.  The aisles and aisles of stuff  overwhelm me.  We now celebrate each and every holiday by purchasing more stuff.

I know having choices can be a good thing but, some days, a part of me misses the simple way of doing life. It seems that all the excess has caused a depressing shift in our thinking. Instead of being grateful for what we have, we’ve become a generation who feels entitled to bigger and better.

I watch preteens walk around with phones. And not just a simple phone, but the top of the line make and model. I see folks who can barely pay their home mortgage with 60 inch TVs or $30,000+ cars.

So, what’s the point of this post?

Well, for starters, I want less pepperoni on our pizzas.  I want us to enjoy and appreciate the simple gifts in front of us. I don’t want us falling into the trap of thinking more is better. Because, I know for certain, that’s a lie. More will never fill us up.  Bigger will never be big enough.  Better will never be better enough.  The only gift that excess has ever given us in return is an ache for more things…things that were never meant to satisfy us.

3 thoughts on “A Life with Less Pepperoni

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    You can have all the pepperoni you want. However they can put extra green peppers and tomatoes on my pizza anytime. 🙂 But I also see your point about excess. It is rampant. I sometimes crave less (except in my bicycle). lol. Oh, get the extra drink to go. Have a great weekend Eileen!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Haha! Well, since I was on a date with my son, I went with something we would both eat. I prefer mine with jalapenos instead.:)

  2. Betty Draper

    I am with you my wise hearted sister. It still is overwhelming for me to shop. We lived so simple overseas because we had less choices and sometimes no choice. It is amazing what we can live without and still function pretty good. Good post Eileen.


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