A New Song

Linking up with the Gypsy Mama again. Five Minute Friday is “a time when we just write for 5 minutes not worrying whether everything is just right.” If you would like to join in CLICK HERE

Five Minute Friday: NEW

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,

out of the mud and mire;

he set my feet on a rock

and gave me a firm place to stand.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God.

Psalm 40:2-3

The lyrics to the old song:

This prison’s your home now

There’s no hope for you

You’ve traveled too far in the wrong direction

shame and guilt is the garment you’ll wear

All you can do now is smile…pretend

And, the lyrics to the new song:

You rescued me, Lord

How can this be?

I didn’t deserve it

yet you chose to love me

My past now erased, every sin wiped away

You took hold of my hand

Your grace led me here

freedom and peace is now what I wear!

13 thoughts on “A New Song

  1. Caroline

    Love, love, love those new lyrics! And as much as I love those, I can also relate to the feeling in the old lyrics. So thankful for the new. And those Psalm verses are perfect for this. Great five minutes, Eileen!

  2. Beck Gambill

    Love the contrast of the old verses new. I love that Jesus takes our old ragged garments and clothes us with new righteous ones. Great reminder!

  3. Jenifer

    Love your version of new!! The new song is awesome!! Praise God for He has wiped away our sin and He takes our hand!

  4. ells

    Hi neighbor…next to you at five min. Love the words to the new song…freedom and peace is now what I wear…Amen..

  5. Stacy

    …Freedom and peace is now what I wear!

    And don't they feel good?! Since Jesus set me free, I can't stop spinning in the fields of grace, twirling in His freedom and peace!

    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Eileen-

  6. Nics Cahill

    Eileen, this is stunning – did you write the new song? Wow. Peace and freedom are the clothes that I wear, I just adore that. What words of light and hope. Thank you. Happy Friday. Nics

  7. Eileen

    Caroline, you're right. I think many people can relate to that feeling of the old life feeling like a prison or a pit. Guess that's why David wrote about it so much in the Psalms.

    Lisa Marie, Thank you for posting that song! The first time I ever heard that song was about 10 years ago…and God was in the process of reaching down and rescuing me 🙂

    Beck, love the new song and the new garments.

    Jenifer, I don't ever want to let go of His hand again.

    Els, Thanks for stopping by, neighbor. 🙂

    Lisa, So thankful for this Rock in my life!

    Allison, praising right along with you!

    Stacy, I love that "spinning in fields of grace" beautiful 🙂

    Nic, thank you for stopping by! It's not actual lyrics, but it's what came out this morning when I saw the topic and started writing. So thankful God transforms our songs!

  8. Jen

    That is amazing — you are so quick on your feet. All in 5 minutes! So glad I know you and that God has put such an awesome song in your heart!

  9. Vilisi

    Wow, my post today was inspired by Psalm 40:2&3 so this is kind of affirming for me. Thank you and God bless. 🙂


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