A Soaring Spirit

A healthy spirit conquers adversity,
but what can you do when the spirit is crushed?
Wise men and women are always learning,
always listening for fresh insights.
Proverbs 18:14-15 (Message)

I find it interesting that these two verses are back to back. This morning I asked the question Why?

Here are some thoughts:

One thing that keeps our spirit healthy is growth and progress. When we refuse to learn or to listen, a part of us begins to shrivel up and die.

A healthy spirit is filled with hope. A healthy spirit wakes up and says, “I’ll try again today.”

A healthy spirit is filled with desire.  A healthy spirit asks, “What can I learn today?”

One of the best things we can do when feeling discouraged or crushed is to be open and willing to receive. Don’t shut down, don’t hide yourself away, do whatever it takes to learn whatever you need to learn.

Do you desire for your spirit to soar today? Learn something new. Listen to someone wise. Read something insightful.

Get up and fly!

8 thoughts on “A Soaring Spirit

  1. Christina

    I love the photo you chose for this post–very fitting! I sometimes fight against learning, I guess because of the pain involved:) But it’s the way He uses to change us. And in the end, we’ll see the beauty that’s revealed. Great post and do encouraging! Thanks for visiting my little blogging home!

  2. LarryTheDeuce

    Kind of sounds like thise verses are a couplet. Proverbs is full of them. I think that growth definitely keeps us from being crushed. We believers should be growing in grace everday. It is proof that we are on the journey home.

  3. Shari Miller

    I loved this. I always want to have a healthy spirit and fly! Thank you for linking up today friend. I love the way you have with words!


  4. Kerry @ Made For Real

    It’s so hard not to shutdown and hide ourselves away when our spirits are crushed. I find myself saying to my kids, “Don’t let it get you down. Don’t dwell on … Stay positive.” and so on. But it’s so hard to bounce back sometimes and regain positivity. Trying to model that more for them.


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