A Tap on the Heart

In Loving Memory of

As I drove to church this morning, I saw these words on the back window of the truck driving in front of me. The blank line actually contained the name of a loved one…their loved one.

I’ve seen these memorial stickers before and each time I do, a piece of my heart aches. I think about the people inside that vehicle.  I think about the person they are missing.

What is their story, Lord?

It’s weird what God will use to refocus my mind on the most important things in life. I’ll be driving down the road feeling anxious about the most trivial problem and then I’ll see one of these stickers. It’s like God gently tapping me on the heart:

        relationships…invest in them

3 thoughts on “A Tap on the Heart

  1. Anne

    Sniffle. I second that emotion. You can’t fathom the “ripple effect” of the actions you take and the decisions you make.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I’ll second that sniffle. I agree, Anne. Reminds me that I need to be intentional with my choices every single day


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