admiring the edible couch

We’ve been enjoying the white fluffy stuff on the ground. It’s more crunchy than fluffy now since we’ve had several nights of below freezing temperatures. We don’t get substantial amounts of snow like this very often in Northeast North Carolina. It’s been nice to open the blinds in the morning and see the change of scenery.

The roads around here were still pretty icy yesterday as my family and I ventured to the mall. As we drove home from our shopping trip, I was admiring the different curvy shapes the snow makes. It’s so pretty, especially right where the snow meets the ditches that line the side of the highway. I couldn’t quite decide whether it looked more like a white comfy leather couch or perfectly smooth icing spread over a vanilla cupcake.

One moment I wanted to sit in it.
The next I wanted to eat it!

One thought on “admiring the edible couch

  1. Joyfull

    I have a cousin who moved to Eastern NC and has enjoyed the snow! Wishing we could enjoy some of it here in Florida, but love reading your accounts of it!! Either the couch or cupcake sounds good!!


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