Adventures with Horse-Dog


As many of you know, for the past few weeks, my family and I have been living in my brother-in-law’s basement until we can find a house to buy.  Last night, as I left the driveway to take my dog, Bisbee, for her evening walk, my in-law’s 120lb horse-dog, Jack, ran up the driveway to go too.

When I have a walking partner, I don’t hesitate taking him for a walk too. However last night it was just me. I was hoping to sneak off up the the road without horse-dog seeing us leave. I’m a sensitive pet owner and I hate hurting the feelings of other dogs. Heck, I would take every dog in the neighborhood with me for a nightly stroll if I had the hands to do it.

Anyway, horse-dog has an invisible electrical fence that keeps him contained.  But last night, without hesitation, horse-dog bounded joyfully through the barrier as if it didn’t even exist.

I ran back to the house to grab his leash and then ran over to the neighbor’s house where horse-dog was making friends with the UPS driver who was delivering a package.

After the collection, Bisbee and I, along with horse-dog, headed down the road to see what we could find to sniff.  My reasoning was this:  Any dog who is willing to endure a brief moment of pain to find freedom and joy should get a walk too. So we walked…or rather horse-dog pulled me along…tail in the air, nose to the ground.

As we journeyed along, I thought about Jack’s decision to face the pain for the joy he saw waiting on the other side.  It was worth it, don’t you think?  Jack’s decision reminded me again today that life is often very similar.  Sometimes we must choose to go through the hard too.  Because, just like Jack, we know what waits for us.

10 thoughts on “Adventures with Horse-Dog

  1. Carol Peterson

    Good points, Eileen. Dogs–even horse dogs–can sure teach us lessons for living life to the fullest! I was trying to decide walk or stationary cycle this morning. With puppydog (we call her goat dog because she likes to sit outside on top of the patio table), of course…

  2. Jennifer

    This is great! We must walk through hard times to be able to find strength and wisdom. If only we all had the courage of the sweet horse dog to just bound right through it looking forward to the other side! God always has a plan:).

  3. mike gothard


    I’ve decided since most of your posts end up making me cry when I read them, I’m inventing a texting/internet abbreviation similar to lol and btw and omg. Mine will be mmca and stand for “made me cry again.” Thank you for your posts, your heart for the Lord, and your insight into this thing we know as life.


    1. Eileen Post author

      haha! mmca…that’s a good one, Mike. But Horse-Dog was not supposed to make people cry! If you met Horse-Dog you would not cry.


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