After 40 years…the wait is over

I have to
I get to

Think about those two different statements for a moment. The former tends to fill me with anxiety or dread while the latter fills me with a sense of anticipation and excitement over an opportunity.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a bunk bed. I was the only girl in a family of five growing up so my two older brother were the ones blessed with bunk beds and sharing a room for several years. I, other the other hand, had to sleep in a room by myself with no bunk bed.  The deprived baby sister!

I’m certain my brothers had a completely different perspective about this whole arrangement than I did. While they saw they had to share a room, I saw they get to share a room. And, on the flip side, I didn’t see the beauty in the sweet set up I had growing up. I had a room to myself!  My brothers and I had a case of the grass is greener over there.

As I grew up and envisioned having kids, I imagined bunk beds. However, the way it all turned out, my husband and I met a little later in life and ended up getting what some would call a “later start” trying to have a family.

We quickly had our son, tried to have another one, miscarried, tried again, and made multiple trips to a specialist. One day, after all (inexpensive)attempts at having a second child failed, God and I had a talk.

If You’re okay with this God…then I’m okay too.  And there was peace in my heart.

My only child has his own room. Up until now there has been no need for him to have a bunk bed.  Yet, over the years, he’s caught the bunk bed bug from me. As things have turned out, my son’s room is a bit on the small side in our new house. Bunk beds make sense in this environment. We picked out one with a futon on the bottom so that when a friend comes to visit he would have a place to sleep too. Yep…that’s our only-have-one-kid-bunk-bed-buying-logic and we are going with it!

The logical side of me knows that it’s a bit silly to hold onto this desire for bunk beds. Yet, after 40 years, I still get a little giddy over the idea of having one. In fact, if I thought my husband would go for it, I’d have one in my room too! 🙂


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