At Home with the Almighty

After a week of being sick and confined to my house, I’m finally beginning to feel better.  I sat down at my computer several times in the last week to write, but the words weren’t there.

Earlier this week, my husband and I followed through on a decision to put our house on the market. Our realtor came by to pick up the paperwork. Before leaving, he stuck a For Sale sign in the front yard.

A few minutes later my dog saw the suspicious sign at the end of the driveway.  I watched as her demeanor went from casual sniffing mode to “hair raised on back” defense mode.  She crept slowly and cautiously toward the sign and let out a warning bark.  A part of me knows exactly how she feels.  I haven’t gotten used to seeing it there either.

It’s weird to think about selling our house.  At this point, we still don’t have any firm idea where we might be headed.  The planner inside me (as you can imagine) is freaking out.  Actually, the planner inside me is too freaked out to freak out.  Currently planner girl is sitting quietly off in the corner sipping her coffee, feeling overwhelmed by all the questions with no answers.

Other than feeling under the weather, it’s these questions that have made it difficult for me to write this week.  My heart feels like it’s in some sort of holding pattern.  I wish I could say that my faith is growing stronger and I’m joyfully trusting the Lord to guide us to what is next. But that wouldn’t be entirely true. What’s true is I’ve been busy handing the waves of fear and doubt back over to the Lord every other minute.

Here, Lord, take this fear again. Today, I want to cling to what is true. You are bigger than all the questions. Help me to rest in your timing.

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God, and I trust him.” (Psalm 91: 1-2)

I love the reminder in these verses.  Home is with the Most High.  He is our sure foundation when life around us seems unstable.

13 thoughts on “At Home with the Almighty

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    Sometimes with big decisions comes a lull or a let down. I cannot begin to say how many times my heart has been in a holding pattern while waiting for God to act or to let me know I am headed in the right direction. Someday He will. In the meantime, I would say get well. Rest. Rest in Him. Allow your heart to be soaked by His. Come the right time you will know.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thank you, Bill! I know our situation isn’t unique and many people find themselves in holding patterns like this, it’s just amazing to me how hard it is for me o remember what my “job” is in the middle of of it all. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  2. Carol Peterson

    Last fall hubby and I put our house on he market. We accepted an offer and put one on another house. Then the first deal fell through and we removed our offer, thinking we’d take the house off the market until spring. Just as we were doing so, our daughter and husband asked if they could move in with us for a year. Yay! God knew we still needed this great big gigantic house for a reason, even if we couldn’t see it at the time.

    That story is meant to encourage you, Eileen. God has a plan and it’s a terrific one. It’ll be exciting for you to watch and see where God sets you down after this.

  3. David Rupert

    I put my house up for sale three years ago — and it was very tough because it was the place of so many memories — both good and bad. After months of having people traspe through, showings, and having to keep it pin-neat constantly, I had the Realtor yank the sign after the contract was over and I’ve never looked back. It’s funny how much our homes are places of content or discontent. They serve as markers in our lives as times of transition.

    And finally, your dog cracks me up. I was expecting something else.

  4. Chris

    The adventures He takes us on….so not where we thought we would be going sometimes, but He holds tight to our hand.

  5. Jody Lee Collins

    Eileen–this is a beautiful, honest picture of re-gifting to God–‘here, Father take this fear. This worry. This over-concern. Again.’
    Oh, our human frame. The Psalm 91 scripture is perfect–our home is in Him.

  6. Joseph Iregbu

    Since the start of this year, we’ve been going through a season of “God, what are you up to?”
    Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to us as we continue to trust and take each day as it comes by faith. I love your perspective on your situation. And that verse is perfect for the moment.

    God bless you Eileen as you lean on HIM.
    P.S. I love that picture!!!


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