Because of the Great I AM…You are

“I don’t listen to what the world might say. Because I know God gives each of us purpose and meaning and strength beyond our limits. Carry on, friends, and BE the work of art you already are.” ~  Laura Robb

I love these words of encouragement a writer friend of mine shared the other day on Facebook.  They went along with a picture of herself wearing a new shirt with the words “Work of Art” printed on the front.

About the shirt she said, “I had to buy one. It doesn’t matter if my hands are sideways and my legs need the support of braces. It doesn’t matter if we have visible limits or things we think we can’t do. I am a work of art. You are a work of ART.”

Laura was born with Arthrogryposis, a physical disability.  She shares her journey living beyond limits on her blog Laura encourages others to live beyond their limits too. I suggest you check out her words of wisdom.

One of the many reasons Laura’s words stuck with me the other day was because they prompted me to remember my One Word again for this year, treasure.

I then thought about how our identities are an unfading, unchanging treasure when we see ourselves correctly and when we view who we are through the correct lens, through the lens of the ultimate Artist.

The ultimate Artist, who sculpted us and molded each of us together. He did this not like a factory spitting out cookie cutter designed humans instead each creation is unique with differing strengths, gifts, talents, purposes, and passions.

Lately, I’ve been trying to remind my teenage son of this truth as often as possible.

Like the unchanging nature of our Creator, the preciousness and value of who you are never changes.

Because of the Great I AM…you are.  (Exodus 3:14)

It’s easy for us to forget that people don’t have the ability to give or take away from the treasure of our identity.  You are.

It’s easy to forget that a person’s approval or disapproval doesn’t diminish our value one bit and need not (should not) dictate our level of joy.  You are.

It’s easy to forget that a person’s acceptance or lack of acceptance of us doesn’t alter the constancy and the stability of this truth: You are a work of ART. You are.


Live and move and breathe from that truth today. 


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