Beyond the Outfit

Every time I come across this picture, I can hear my mom saying what she would often say around Easter time. “Easter is not about getting a new Easter outfit.”

This is a picture of me…in my one and only “Easter outfit”. Actually, at the time, my mom swore it was not an Easter outfit. She just happened to find it around Easter and she just happened to give it to me Easter morning. But normally my mom never thought it necessary for us to go out and purchase special clothes for Easter Sunday because she felt it deflected from the real meaning of Easter. I tend to agree.

But, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think having a desire to look nice for Easter and to wear something special is wrong…I just think that so often people get so caught up in the commercialism of the holiday they completely overlook the significance of the holiday.

Yesterday, I went to Walmart to try to find a few things for my son’s Easter basket, a challenging task since he does not like chocolate or jelly beans. I did find some celebratory Starburts and some festive looking Laffy Taffy. I am always a little overwhelmed looking at ALL the stuff they sell for the holidays. Whatever happened to just dying eggs? Now, besides just coloring eggs, there are little plastic eggs you get to buy to fill with more stuff and then hide for your children to find. (Oh, I’m sorry…for the Easter bunny to hide). I guess we do this because there is just not enough stuff already in the celebratory basket on Sunday morning.

I was completely amazed this year looking at all the different kinds of plastic eggs Walmart had on their shelves. There was a whole aisle just devoted to plastic eggs…Barbie, Batman,camouflage,fluorescent,pastel, chicken-shaped, rabbit-shaped, big ones, little ones, mega ones. Just writing this tires me out.

I read a blog post earlier this week by Rachel Olson who challenged her readers to take time to pause and remember the importance of what happened 2000 years ago. “This Sunday – Easter Sunday – is no more or less holy than any other day in my life. Jesus died for all our days – for our ability to wake up on any given Tuesday in June, or Friday in December, or Monday in May filled with God’s Spirit.”

So while you are ironing that new dress and slipping into those cute new shoes this weekend…remember, it’s not about the Easter outfit.

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