Beyond the Outlet Mall

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The message at church on Sunday was one of those messages that tends to keep coming to mind throughout the week.  We’re doing a series on the Holy Spirit and last week our pastor shared a story about how he finally made it to the Smoky Mountains. He described to us how he and his family would make it as far as the outlet malls in Gatlinburg and then stop short. The breathtaking Smoky Mountains were in sight…but he and his family would choose to stop at the shopping center and spend their time there instead.

The pastor did a great job at making the connection that, so often in our walks, we settle for the “outlet mall” version of Christianity instead continuing to the destination God has prepared for us.  He also shared that so many folks who think they’ve rejected Christianity, have, in actuality, only rejected the outlet mall version of Christianity.

I loved this quote, ” The Holy Spirit doesn’t come to help our lives but to be our lives.”

The challenge for us this week was…Have we/will we make ourselves available to God?

Making ourselves available to God takes faith…it’s a conscious choice we must make where we say, “Lord even though I can’t see you, I am going to act like what you have promised us in Scripture is true.” As followers of Christ, we are given this incredible deposit. the Spirit of Truth…yet we often forget or ignore the fact that we have access to this incredible power 24/7.  He is always with us.  When we choose to live our life conscious of this Truth residing inside us, He leads us to a place far beyond what we thought was possible.

Lord, help us to be available to you today.  Help us to listen…really listen to this power living inside us.

Take us to the Smoky Mountains!

One thought on “Beyond the Outlet Mall

  1. Carol Peterson

    Nicely said, Eileen. I ignored the Holy Spirit for way too many years. We read about the Holy Spirit in Scripture but we’re seldom taught how to relate to Him in real life.

    Good points today. Thanks.


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