Birds In My Mustard Tree

Looking forward to starting this study by Susanne Scheppmann tonight with the ladies at church. I have always loved the story Jesus shares that even the smallest amount of faith (mustard seed) can move mountains. It reminds me that it is not how much faith we possess but rather who our faith is in. It’s a reminder of all the times in life when I’ve seen God do His thing even when my faith was small and I was weak and his ability to work with what little bit of faith I can muster up. God gets His hands on that little faith and He RUNS with it!

One thought on “Birds In My Mustard Tree

  1. Crit

    I didn't order the book because I didn't know if I'd be able to make many of the actual studies…but now I'm contemplating going. HAHA! I had such a good time with the study you did and learned so much. I feel like a fool not to go when I can.


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