Car Rider Lines & Delivery Rooms

021It happens each time I’m waiting in the car rider line at my son’s school.  I see him standing there waiting for me to pick him up and I can’t help but smile.  My heart falls in love all over again.

This moment in my day, it never grows old.  Those few seconds between catching a glimpse of Sean and having him sitting next to me again are some of the most precious few moments in my entire day.   Nothing can steal those seconds away.  My heart is full and I whisper again what I’ve whispered countless times before.

He’s just beautiful, Lord.  Thank you

Tonight, I thought more about this weekday reunion and pondered how special it is to me.  It kind of reminds me of that same rush of gratitude I experienced the day Sean was born, that moment of anticipation between the time the doctor delivered him and the nurse gently placed him in my arms for the first time.

Some days, even ten years later, it still feels like a dream to me.  I’m a mom and that boy who is waiting to be picked up and carried home…that’s my boy!

He’s just beautiful, Lord, Thank you  

5 thoughts on “Car Rider Lines & Delivery Rooms

  1. Sandra Renee

    I had my 30 year old son over for the weekend. It never goes away. He’s just beautiful, Lord, Thank you! — I love that. : )


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