Cartwheels and Kangaroos

I couldn’t decide this morning whether to write about the flame flickering in my fireplace, baby kangaroos, or this verse: ¬†“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.” (Psalm 118:17)

So, lucky you, I will write about all of the above. ūüėČ

My son plopped down in the car yesterday and asked me if I wanted the good news first or the bad news. ¬†I chose the good news. ¬†Because, well, I do prefer good news. ¬†He proceeded to tell me how he got his picture taken with a kangaroo. ¬†He told me how the hair/fur? ¬†was softer than dog’s fur. ¬†He told me how the baby was kept in a¬†pillow case because it reminded him of the safety and comfort of his first home, his¬†mother’s pouch. ¬†He told me his name was Max.

I asked for the bad news next.  One of his good friends (who he just met this school year) has moved and must transfer to a new school.  Sean will no longer get to see him everyday.  I could tell my son was disappointed.  Bad news is hard. Change is hard.  Goodbyes are hard.

My son turns 11 years old next week. ¬†11 years old. He has not fit on my lap (or in my pouch) for quite some time now. ¬†But, there are days, I wish I had a pillow case. I want to keep him comfortable.¬†I want to protect him from the bad news. But, I also know something else, sometimes bad precedes¬†the good. ¬†Sometimes we travel through dark before we get to¬†the light. I’ve seen it happen over and over.

I turned the fire on in our fireplace again this morning. ¬†After 15 months of living here, this is one my favorite parts of our house….instant fire. ¬†I realized this morning that turning the fireplace knob on¬†a cool Autumn morning brings me almost as much joy as turning on the Christmas tree lights in December. ¬†There’s something so peaceful and inviting about the light.

Last Sunday evening, I had the chance to share a portion of my journey again with a couple of ladies. ¬†I got to hear their stories too. ¬†We shared the good and the bad. ¬†We shared the dark and light. ¬†I think I’ve mentioned this before but verses like the one above, about God’s ability to save us and how it’s hard to keep quiet about it, are some of my favorite moments¬†in scripture.

These are verses that prompt my heart to do cartwheels.

I think about how the Light left his home (the pouch) and came to be the light for us.  He came so that we might live. He entered a bad situation to make it good.  Today, I know this to be true.  I also know that, in this life, I will hear and live the bad and the good.  There will be days with some painful goodbyes and there will be days with soft kangaroo hair. But no matter what, there will be joy available in the midst of it all.  Because {insert cartwheel}  He has done it! 

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