Confidence in the Final Score

Basketball hoop against skyDeposit Photos

When my family and I relocated to Georgia last summer we decided to order DirecTV for the first time. My husband was interested in the opportunity to watch more major league soccer. He and our 10-year-old son love the sport.

I, too, was looking forward to the chance to watch more of my favorite basketball team. I grew up in Arizona and attended the University of Arizona. I loved rooting for the Cats and attended most of the games. Unfortunately, they waited until the year after I graduated to win their first national championship. They played Kentucky that year. It was the Wildcats vs. the Wildcats. It was a thrilling, on the edge of your seat, game…

Today, I’m thrilled to be the featured writer over at the High Calling. I would love for you to join me over there today Confidence in the Final Score

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