Crazy Messy Imperfect Beautiful Community

I often have the most vivid dreams after my alarm goes off in the morning and I drift back to sleep for a few minutes.  Like the one I had this morning:

I was in my bedroom doing a few chores and I notice this little dog that doesn’t belong to me sniffing my floor.  I walk down the hall to my living room to try to figure out where he came from.  I notice the dog has left a poop pile present in the middle of our living room rug.  As I come around the corner, there’s a strange man sitting on our couch.  I suddenly remember that this was the weekend I was going to try being an airbnb host for the first time. I panic slightly (on the inside) because I had forgotten I had planned it for the same weekend as my son’s birthday party.  

The man apologizes for his dog pooping on my carpet.  I tell him it’s okay…I just didn’t remember him telling me he was going to bring his dog. I then tell him to give me a few minutes and I would tidy up our spare room.  I go back to the spare room, which in my dream has 2 twin beds, 2 full beds and 1 bunk bed in it.  I wasn’t the least bit ready for guests. Some of the bed linens were dirty and things were scattered all over the place. I quickly started to clean.  As I cleaned, I begin hearing more voices and laughter out in my living room.  A few minutes later the man comes back to the room and I realize he has brought three kids along with him..  “Oh, I didn’t know you were bringing your family” I said.  

My little dog was jumping around and having a blast playing with their little dog.  The young boy who was part of the group was eyeing the bunk beds.  I asked him if he wanted to sleep on them that night. He said yes.  I told him if he gave me a few minutes I would wash the sheets and he could. The kids lounged on the bedroom floor as I made up all the beds. I asked them where they were from and they said Ohio. Every one seemed to take my lack of preparation in stride and patiently waited for me to prepare the room.  As I worked,  I thought about going to the grocery store after I was done so I would have a few tasty options to offer them all for breakfast the next morning. 

At the beginning of my dream I was anxious but by the end of my dream I felt fulfilled and was actually having fun.   


At work this week I helped to plan a spaghetti dinner for a large gathering of people.  I’m guessing that is what triggered my dream.  But, here are some additional thoughts I had when I woke up this morning.

Community is messy.  Community can sometimes be work.  Community can sometimes catch you off guard, surprise you, or even feel “inconvenient.”  Yet, when you enter into it…it also has a way of bringing you to life, it’s satisfying and for some crazy reason the work doesn’t feel like “just” work. You find that you are actually enjoying yourself and simultaneously being filled up.

Crazy, messy, imperfect, beautiful, community

I love it!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Messy Imperfect Beautiful Community

  1. Arny Sanchez

    your dream seemed kinda …normal…
    my dream probably would have had some weird thing like…you go back to the living room to find everyone snow boarding!!! hahaha!!!

    Community is messy… (the last supper was messy) But it’s necessary to grow as believers…
    Thanks for the insight into your dream world…

    mmm…. Spaghetti…now im hungry. LOL…

    1. Eileen Post author

      haha…yep…normal except for strange dogs pooping in my living room 😉 Community: Messy but necessary. Very true.


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