Creating Joy…Imperfectly

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My son has fallen in love with designing and building houses in Minecraft. He’s been wanting to set up a Youtube channel for a while now to share his builds with others. This past weekend, my husband helped him to do this. Now, as he builds a house, my son is able to show his new creations to other Minecraft enthusiasts. He records his builds and verbally guides listeners through the process.

It was a joy to watch him work. After he finished his first video, I could feel his happiness…it oozed from him. He had done it. He had accomplished what he had set out to do. He had acted on a passion stirring in his heart. As he attempted to put into words the joy he received from sharing his creations with the world, he said this to me.  “You can talk to them and entertain them AND show them your work of art.”

The excitement he was feeling reminded me of when I made the decision to start writing again. It was August 2009 when I began this journey of blogging and sharing the things on my mind and heart with the rest of the world.  After my son’s comment, I thought about those first few months of writing. I thought about the joy and satisfaction that came with the process. Here are some words I shared on my blog five years ago next month:

“Recently, I started writing again. It’s something I hadn’t really done on a regular basis since college. I was telling my husband the other day just how wonderful it felt to create something. What an amazingly good feeling! I know this will sound really cliché, but it makes me feel alive. The satisfaction I feel after putting one sentence after another together. Creating something that has never existed before.” (Creating Joy, 8-8-09)

I love that my son has gotten a taste of this process, this process of creating art and contributing it so others might enjoy it too. At one point during his video tutorial, my son shares how this is his first video and tells his listeners he might “struggle with stuff, make mistakes, and get nervous.” Secretly, this was my favorite part of his whole tutorial. I hope this is just the beginning. I hope this is how he will choose to live his life. I hope he continues to try new things, to struggle, to make mistakes, and to get nervous.

“My writing is not perfect. Sometimes I use the wrong word. Sometimes my sentences are awkward. But, it is in the midst of the flawed and awkward sentences where I have done the most growing and found the most satisfaction over these past few months. Every time I write something, I take the risk of looking and sounding stupid. But, I’m finally learning to be okay with that. I guess I have finally discovered that there are even sadder consequences should I choose not to try at all.” (Creating Joy, 8-8-09)

 The joy is found in the journey.

10 thoughts on “Creating Joy…Imperfectly

  1. David Rupert

    Well-crafted and powerfully told. Creativity is Gods gift and I think everyone should find a at to taste it. Once we find it we also taste and see that God is good.

    1. Eileen Post author

      True David. I think it’s very hard to think about creating and not begin to think about the ultimate Creator and be thankful.

    1. Eileen Post author

      🙂 I’ve met some GREAT people on this creative journey. Thanks for being one of them, Bill!!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks for coming by, Kathi! Yes! It feels incredible! There are days/times when I can see myself being sucked back into the perfectionist prison (It’s a miserable place to hang out and not very productive) but thankfully those moments don’t last as long as they once did. I recognize my tendency to go there more easily than I used to…and NOW I have something better to compare it too.

  2. Anne

    LOVED this post. I’m sure it will resonate with many. But only the recovering perfectionists, such as myself will admit it. 🙂 I loved hearing your mama pride that you son is also seeing his dream unfold right before his thirsty eyes. That was great.

  3. Shari Daniels

    I just love how children are artists, teachers and sharers so naturally. I’m he didn’t have an ego voice telling him his work wasn’t good enough or that no one would care about his art. Children lack the fear we adults have because we are so conditioned from our time here on earth. I hope your son never loses this.

    And, I have to let you know that you are amazing parents for encouraging and supporting his vision. Many parents would not want to put their kids “out there”, but you already have yourselves a visionary and you are the angels that will help him grow.

    As a teacher – you are a gift to children.

    Shari 😉

    1. Eileen Post author

      What a sweet comment, Shari. Thank you. I think my husband and I encourage it so much because we BOTH feared it so much in our own lives for so long. You really do learn from your own mistakes. Another thing I want to mention is that I think one reason parents might be resistant to putting their kids “out there” is because of online predators. We’ve taken the necessary precautions with my son and have used his time online as a way to talk about this problem. He needs to always be on guard. Thanks again for your comment! AND for teaching our kids and encouraging them in this direction!


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