Dance on over to Sweet Blessings

Today I have the sweet pleasure of guest posting over at Sweet Blessings. Thanks again, Jenifer!

We should live our lives in a fluid dance of surrender with God. You have to surrender, and surrender often.
~ Amena Brown

I don’t dance. Well, it’s not that I don’t…but I just don’t do it well. The only kind of dancing I know how to do is the rocking back and forth kind, the kind of dancing I did at my high school prom.

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4 thoughts on “Dance on over to Sweet Blessings

  1. Jenifer

    Thank you so much for dancing over to Sweet Blessings today Eileen! It was an honor to have you with us!

  2. Kelli

    Love this " if we choose to truly let Him to do the leading, trusting Him to guide us around the dance floor of our lives, we will notice a smoothness in our movements." Perfect point! I also absolutely love how the Message paraphrases that Matthew verse. I found myself reading it over and over! Great guest post!!


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