Dancing With Our Comforter

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There is nothing that compares to God’s presence in the middle of life’s storms. Nothing. His comfort means everything. I’ve been thinking about this concept in the context of our wants versus our needs when we face trials.

A memory came to mind this morning when I saw Lisa-Jo’s prompt for today. I was leaving the hospital years ago with my dad and brother the night my mom died. As we walked to the car in the parking lot, I told my dad that in those final few minutes before she died I was just praying that God would take her. Up until that moment, I wanted a miracle. I wanted her five-year battle with cancer to suddenly disappear. I wanted my mom back, healthy.  But, in that moment of surrender, I knew what she needed. She needed to be with Him. Take her, Lord. Just take her.

Wants versus needs.

My dad still can’t walk almost a year after his stroke. Yesterday, on the phone he told me about the plans he has when he leaves the assisted living facility and finally goes home. My heart aches when he talks like this. I’m glad he holds onto hope beyond those four walls. Yet all the doctors say he has “plateaued” in his recovery. There is no going home.

I pray everyday that my dad would feel the comfort of His presence. I pray that God would give my dad what he needs.  I want a miracle.  I want him to walk.  He wants to walk.  But God…God knows what he needs.  And his greatest need right now, might not have anything to do with being able to get out of bed by himself.

Give him what he needs, Lord.  Just give him what he needs.

Oh, love me—and right now!—hold me tight!
just the way you promised.
Now comfort me so I can live, really live;
your revelation is the tune I dance to.
Psalm 119:76 Message

30 thoughts on “Dancing With Our Comforter

  1. Kimberly Amici

    what a great prayer to give what is needed. I am thankful for a sovereign God because I certainly don’t have it all figured out. thanks for sharing your story and wonderful perspective.

  2. Joy Lenton

    Oh, Eileen, this is truly beautiful! Such a grace-filled post. The yearnings of a humble heart that trusts enough to surrender outcomes to God. How painful it is to watch our loved ones suffer. More painful still to think of letting them go. You have shown such faith and trust in the process. Love the prayer. His comfort is the one thing that enables us to dance again, even in the midst of painful times. Thank you for opening your heart here. Joining in prayer for your father and for you as you move house and all that will entail. Be blessed by those loving arms around you. Love, Joy xxx

    1. Eileen Post author

      So true, Linda. The trials of saying goodbye hits everyone. Thankful He holds onto us through all of it.

  3. Amy P Boyd

    Eileen I remember my husband and I kneeling beside my mother in laws hospital bed the night before we knew she would die ( They had made the decision to remove her from life support the next morning) and him weeping for God to take her quickly. Those word were not words he wanted to say nor words I wanted to hear be they seemed to be the permission she needed to hear. Thank you so much for so honestly sharing your heart.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thank you for sharing this, Amy. You are right, those kinds of prayers are hard but I think that part of the grieving process is so important.

  4. Cheryl E.

    Thank you! Your posts give me encouragement as I am walking through my dad’s strokes as well. He suffered 2 strokes in 2011 right before Christmas. We have had to place him in a nursing home as well and there is no hope of him ever going home. Unfortunately, the strokes have affected his right side as well as speech, so communication is very limited. Reading your posts helps me to realize I’m not alone and that you understand a little of the emotions I’m feeling as well. God bless!!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Cheryl, thank you for sharing some of your story and your struggle. Yes, watching our loved ones go through these things is so hard and yet it’s such a comfort knowing we are not alone. We have HIM and we have eachother!

  5. Bob Holmes

    I’ve been dealing with serious loss for quite a while.
    Thank you Eileen for sharing out of the mess of life. It’s evident that God is redeeming the hard things in your past and present.
    When we allow him in, our meaningless mess becomes a beautiful mess. Then we can comfort, because we have been comforted.
    That’s what I see here. I feel that comfort coming through loud and clear.
    May God’s peace envelope you, and remain.
    Your friend,

    1. Eileen Post author

      Bob, I’m sorry you are in the midst of dealing with losses. Thank you for sharing this. Yes! “Our meaningless mess becomes a beautiful mess” I love that. May you feel HIS PRESENCE loud and clear as you journey!

  6. Caroline

    Beautiful post on a hard topic, Eileen. I know how I ache for comfort in our son’s situation sometimes, especially those times I allow myself to be wracked with fear. When I pay attention to God’s comfort, I block out fear. Prayed right now for your dad again.

  7. Susan

    I will hold up your dad in my prayers, knowing that God is so gracious and that He loves your dad so much, and that He will give your dad exactly what he needs. Bless you and your family; this time in our lives, when our parents need us so much, is not an easy one. Thank you for such a touching post.

  8. Nita

    This is so poignant. I feel like I’m standing next to you, experiencing these emotion-filled snapshots along with you. What a hard place for you to be the one who knows what the doctors say vs. your dad’s hopes. I pray for wisdom in how to navigate these tender moments.

  9. Lyli@3dLessons4Life

    Eileen, praying for you and your dad this morning. Hugs
    That verse from The Message translation makes my heart so incredibly happy this morning — thank you for sharing it. It’s going straight into my journal, and I will be carrying it around in my pocket this weekend. 🙂


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