So the barefoot style running experiment continued today. It went well. 5.5 miles and my knees did not start hurting. When I go running, I always choose a route that takes me straight out and never a route that takes me in a circle.

If I run in a loop then I tend to convince myself to quit running prematurely. When the loop takes me back by my house, it is way too tempting to just head home and be done. If I run straight out, I push myself to run further. I pushed myself a little further today and it felt really good. I try not to think about the distance I will still need to cover when I make the decision to turn around.

As I was running, I got to thinking about one of my favorite lines from a movie. The movie, Gattaca, came out years ago but there is one scene that has stuck with me. The science fiction movie is about a time in the future when one’s life is genetically engineered. People are able to be”created” without any defects or flaws. The “natural born'” people, those who have not been helped along by science, are considered inferior. Ethan Hawke plays a natural born, Vincent Freeman, and must attempt to “achieve” in a world that views him as less than. His brother in the movie, Anton, was lucky enough to be genetically helped and was considered superior in every way.

Despite the label of being flawed and inferior, Vincent’s determination helps him to achieve the impossible. I love this scene in the movie…”I never saved anything for the swim back.”

What a great message on so many levels. Don’t be limited by labels. Don’t be consumed with worry about how you are going to accomplish something that might appear impossible. Do what you can…now, at this moment.

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