Do Something and Just Call it Tuesday


I attended the Storyiine Conference in Nashville this weekend.  Wow.  It was amazing.  I loved hearing from the great line up of speakers but I also enjoyed talking to the other attendees and listening to glimpses of their journey.

I was really looking forward to hearing Bob Goff ‘s talk on Saturday.  I had never heard him speak before but ate up his book Love Does when I read it.  Now, I’m just trying to spit its wisdom back out and do.

I think whoever was in charge of scheduling the time each speaker spoke to us did a pretty good job with the timing of Bob Goff’s talk.  It was 4:00-ish, we’ve been paying attention all day, and trying to “consume” as much wisdom as possible.  Some of us might be getting sleepy.  Some of us have started to hear our stomachs begin to ask what’s for dinner.

Enter Bob Goff.

I think he described himself that afternoon better than I ever could,  “I make coffee nervous.”   Let’s just say he’s not lacking in the charismatic department.  In fact, I think God must have added an extra shot of enthusiasm into the cup when He created this particular man.

But I have to say, Bob ranks up there as one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.   My sleepy 4:00pm eyes were wide awake and my once complaining tummy was no longer whining.

His session lived up to one of the points he wanted to make.  “Make sure every person you meet today walks away fed.”  At the conclusion of his talk and it was time for us to head to dinner, a part of me was already full and extremely satisfied.

On the drive back to my hotel that night, my mind recapped  some of his words, I thought about how cool it would be to have a Bob Goff as my neighbor.  Interestingly enough, later on that same evening someone on Twitter tweeted that same idea.

Yet, as I was driving along thinking about how fun my street would be with Bob Goff living next door, I had this thought come through loud and clear.  Don’t wish for a Bob Goff neighbor, be the Bob Goff neighbor.  

What I mean by this is not what you might think.  I don’t necessarily mean you have to become an extrovert on caffeine overnight, what I mean is that our goal should be to become more like what Bob shared with us he has written on his business cards.  He doesn’t list on his card that he’s a lawyer, or that he’s the founding President of Restore International, or that he is the leading general council to Uganda.

His business cards simply list his main job in life,  “Helpful”

Today is Tuesday and I woke up thinking about one more portion of Bob’s talk.  Our objective in life should be to become love.   In order to accomplish this, we need to stop keeping score, we need to stop counting.  Instead of making ministry a grand event, instead of making big statements why not, Bob says, we become helpful and just call it Tuesday.

Our best teacher for this in life is Jesus.  Bob made a great point when he said, “it seems  the less time Jesus had on earth , the more available and helpful he became.”

If I simply agree that this is true, then I’ve missed the point entirely of Bob’s talk.

What am I going to do?

What you going to do?

8 thoughts on “Do Something and Just Call it Tuesday

  1. Amy P Boyd

    “Instead of making ministry a grand event, instead of making big statements why not, Bob says, we become helpful and just call it Tuesday” I can’t tell you what a conformation this statement is to something God has laid on my heart this last couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing some of the insight you got this weekend.

  2. Chris Monahan

    Being like Jesus — I sometimes describe it simply as “hands and feet” to those I know will understand — is a terrific goal. It is one I share (most of the time).
    In our culture, achieving a goal and moving to the next one is emphasized, which regularly makes this so frustrating, because I know I can never reach His level.
    Kudos to you for reminding yourself to reach for the unreachable (do YOU hear “Man of La Mancha” music in your head right now?). FWIW, I believe in you, sweet lady.

    1. Eileen Post author

      “In our culture, achieving a goal and moving to the next one is emphasized” That’s very true, Chris. We even treat relationships like this sometimes. You’ve given me more to think about. Thank you!

  3. bill (cycleguy)

    That was an absolutely phenomenal book Eileen. I would have loved to have been sitting next to you, or at least in the audience (since that sounds better) and drinking in his enthusiasm. You are envied (in a good way).


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