Do you know what this is?

Sean’s seven year old cousin was not 100% sure when she came to visit us last weekend.

“Does this open the window?”

We also have the antique locks on our car where you actually have to lean across the passenger’s seat stretch out your arm and flip the little switch on the door to lock or unlock the door. And, on long road trips, we need to keep our foot on the accelerator if we want to make the car go…it’s fascinating.

Our car is actually only 2 years old but we opted for the vintage, stripped down floor model when we bought it. Perhaps, with all its rare, antique accessories the car will be worth something someday. 😉

6 thoughts on “Do you know what this is?

  1. Jenifer

    Lol. We become so use to the 'extras' that it is so different to go back to the way it was. We told our kids recently that when we were kids to change the tv channel you had to walk to the tv and click a channel button on a box. They looked at us like were ailens. 🙂

  2. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    I had a similar discussion with my son a couple weeks ago about record albums… lol

    Have a Blessed Day Eileen, and thanks for the smile!

  3. Lisa

    I'm not sure my kids would recognize what that is. lol We do get used to our conveniences, don't we? 🙂

  4. Heidi

    That's too funny! I do remember the window crank, but I don't think my kids would know what to do with them! I think about this with the phone book too, my kids wouldn't know how to use one because we google everything!

  5. frogsview

    I enjoyed your post.

    And then there are telephones…ones with a funny round dial, where you have to dial each number separately, and then you have a cord, which is actually hard wired into the phone, and it may be only 3 feet long, or you may have one of the fancy models with a long 10 foot cord.

    And oh by the way, in the days before cell phones, there used to be telephone booths, where you stopped and got dimes or quarters and put them in to call your family member to tell them that you were going to be late to dinner because of the bad traffic that you found on the way home from work.

    Oh well, pardon the ramblings of a baby boomer..


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