Don’t Ever Forget…

In five years, you may look back on this experience and understand why it played out the way it did. All the pieces might come together and it will make sense.  Don’t ever forget or let go of the hope that a sovereign God has ultimate control over all the details of your life. The same God who created you, has this incredible ability to take even these moments of pain or those seasons of disappointment and weave them into something more, something different, something beautiful, something better.

Don’t ever forget that an all-knowing God, and a God who wants His best for you is still in control.

The path we must take to get there might not be the one we planned, it might seem inconvenient or full of detours, delays, and discouragement but cling to this truth: He knows you better than you know you.  He knows you better than your parents know you.  He knows you better than your friends and your coaches know you.

Cling also to this:  He loves you and wants good things for you even when the circumstances in your life have a tendency to shout the exact opposite at you. And, ultimately, the whole purpose is to bring you to that place of knowing Him better and knowing that it’s His love for you that is keeping you, holding you, growing you, shaping you and perfecting you.

Take hold of the peace He offers to you… and rest.  You, my son, are His treasure, His masterpiece.  Let the Artist do His work in you.

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