Embrace Today…Cling To Hope

Many of you know my dad had a stroke seven weeks ago today.   I was able to fly home and be with him not too long ago.  Yesterday, I received a text message from my brother telling me that last week my dad finally moved his left leg a tiny bit.  This news made me happy!  Typical of a stroke, my dad’s entire left side has been paralyzed.  There is still no way of telling how much mobility he will eventually regain.

After hearing the good news, I thought about some words my dad and I exchanged one day when I was visiting with him.

He was discouraged and told me he didn’t think he was making any progress and even thought he was getting worse instead of better. I reassured him that he was making progress and then gave him the same advice he once gave to me.

Several years ago my dad and I both worked for the same sales company.  When I started with the company, my dad (the master salesman) shared with me (the clueless salesman) a valuable piece of wisdom.

“Dad, remember the advice you gave me when I started in sales?”

“What you do today…matters.   The effort you put in today will determine your success six months from now.”

As you pursue your goals, there will be days when you feel as if you’ve just taken a huge step backwards.  There will be days when you feel as if you’ve only taken one small step up the intimidating mountain standing in front of you.

Don’t let that discourage you from pursuing your goal.

Keep doing what you know to do.  Keep doing what you can do.

I’ve shared this quote before, but it’s worth sharing again.  Because today is a new day.  And today we need to cling to hope.  And if tomorrow, by the grace of God, we open our eyes and discover that we are still here, then we grab hold of that hope again.

Today is mine.
Tomorrow is none of my business.
If I peer anxiously into the fog of the future, I will strain my spiritual eyes so that I will not see clearly what is required of me now.
~ Elizabeth Elliot




11 thoughts on “Embrace Today…Cling To Hope

  1. Laura

    So here’s some flattery and unexpected fame for you! I was looking for a quote on hope to put on my Facebook wall….really thinking more along the lines of a Bible verse. But when I googled for ideas, up popped your blog – which is lovely and seems to be full of wisdom. So you are quoted on my Facebook today and you have no idea who I am!
    It all goes to show the power of words and how they reach out to people at just the right time. I was actually looking for something to say in the midst of the pain many people I know are feeling over the suicide of a friend, who died yesterday. He had been a co-worker of my husband who had quit work to pursue other projects in the last year, but still kept in touch with many in his office. He was extremely well-liked and talented and showed no signs to those who had worked with him that anything was amiss. How I wish he had been able to grab ahold of hope. But maybe your words will help someone else to grab ahold and to realize the grace and beauty of just being alive and waking up to another day. We just don’t know often what lies behind the smiling mask of the people we see each day. Thanks for letting me ramble away on your site and thank you for your beautiful blog.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Laura, I’m sitting in my dentist’s office reading your words and my eyes are tearing up. This is why I blog. So thankful you stumbled over here! I hope it encourages others.


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