Escaping My Captor

It Friday!    I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday, a time when we “write five minutes not worrying if everything is just right.”  You can join in the fun HERE.

PROMPT:  TRUE (Being truthful…this one took me longer than five minutes.) True is the road to everlasting freedom.

I found that beautiful pathway several years ago.

It was the most liberating, most peaceful, most joy-filled discovery of my life. I used to try to be the person the world wanted me to be. I turned down the true cry and the true longing of my heart. I buried it deep inside. Instead, I listened to the shouting and the signs all around me, “This way to acceptance. This way to love. This way to happiness.”

I played the part. I wore the smile. And true became a foreign land.

And every day, I woke up trapped behind those prison walls. I went through the motions. I did what fake told me to do. Fear became the Captor who ordered me around.

True was over there somewhere. Yet, for the longest time I was too terrified to seek it out or attempt an escape.

I took a drink. I numbed it all. Fake temporary freedom was better than no freedom.

But my Captor, he always came back.


True is the road to everlasting freedom.

Today I crave and seek out true in my daily life…like I used to crave and seek out my next drink.

Yet, this drink satisfies me and fills me up!

So, I continue to pursue it.

I am not satisfied with anything less.

Now let me at the truth Which will refresh my broken mind ~Mumford & Sons

9 thoughts on “Escaping My Captor

  1. Cheri

    Yes! So beautifully put. I too have hid behind my true self to the world for too many years. I feel my true self slowly emerging over the past year or so. Thank you! I’m your FMF neighbor this week 🙂 Many blessings to you!

  2. Stephanie

    Gosh I loved this and it really touched me. I’m so glad you found freedom!

    I know many lament growing older but I have to say in my 20’s I wasn’t true to myself but now in my late 30’s I’m finding I’m very comfortable in my own skin, being my own self. I wouldn’t want to be that insecure 20 year old again for anything!

  3. Amy P Boyd

    For so long I too have tried to be all that the world says I should be. Only recently I have begun to re-learn who the true me is and how become just who He has for me to be.


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