Even My Camera Has A Creator

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the LORD is to be praised.
(Psalm 113:3)

Yesterday day morning as I drove my son to school, we came across this view as we crossed the bridge over the Perquimans River. I happened to have my camera with me so I was able to snap a photo.

Then, later in the day, right before sunset, this beautiful rainbow could be seen from our living room window.

These beautiful creations reminded me of a post I wrote awhile ago.

Coffee, Cars, & Sunrises
(originally posted February 2010)

Every morning on the way to work I cross the bridge over the Perquimans River leading out of Hertford just about the time the sun is coming up. I have yet to remember my camera to capture it. I absolutely love the view of the sun rising over the water. It always forces me to pause and think about our Creator. I am so thankful God gives me sights like this to pause and be grateful.

The other morning when this happened, I started thinking about people in this world who have a difficult time believing there is a Creator. I am simply baffled by this belief or lack of belief. I am not quite sure who first said it but I once heard that it takes more faith not to believe in a Creator than to believe in a Creator. I find this to be SO TRUE. Everything has a creator. Someone created the coffee machine I enjoy coffee from every morning…and every afternoon….and every evening. Someone created the cup I drink my coffee out of. Someone created the car I drive that took me over that bridge that someone created that allowed me so see that sunrise that someone created. Amazing.

And to take this thought one more step. And perhaps this is where the harder part of faith comes in. I believe that Creator who created that sunrise cares about me so much! I think about the way He “knit me together in my mother’s womb” and can’t help but believe this. And then I think about the times I have called out to Him with my mustard seed of faith and found peace and contentment beyond anything I thought was even possible.

Thank you, Lord.

One thought on “Even My Camera Has A Creator

  1. Lisa

    I agree that it takes so much more faith to believe that everything just appeared than to believe that it was designed by a Creator. I believe, I KNOW that there is a God. Beautiful pictures ~ many blessings!


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