Finding God Among the Chickpeas


Not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been cooking like Emeril for the last couple of weeks. Bam! I’ve cracked open a cookbook more this month than I have in the last 10 years combined. Tonight we are trying Curried Chickpea and Potato Stew.

This was my status update last night on Facebook, along with a picture of the dinner I created. This morning as I thought more about this sudden shift inside me from not wanting to cook to wanting to cook, a few reasons came to mind. I have a sneaking suspicion I do know what’s gotten into me.

This idea crossed my mind this morning:  Good choices are contagious. 

On a side note, the same thing can be said of bad choices too.  The verse that popped into my brain this morning is found in 1 Corinthians 15:33  “Don’t be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.

But this morning, I want to focus on how good choices can be inspired by watching others make good choices. By the way, this is the way the whole “Pay if forward” idea catches on.  People either see or are actual recipients of an act of generosity or kindness and the beauty of that moment gets under their skin, touches their heart and they can’t help but want to pass that beauty on to others. It creates a ripple effect that can reach far beyond our little “world.”

A few weeks ago my husband, Roger, and I decided we would start making better choices when it came to the food we eat.  Neither of us are horrible eaters but there definitely is room for improvement.  We’ve been buying more whole foods and choosing organic when possible. I’ve actually seen my One Word, small, come into play too. I am learning to make small shifts in our eating habits. A better choice here, a better choice there.

Just like anything we do in life, I do believe small choices in a good direction will add up.

Roger used to cook quite a bit before we got married but had gotten away from it over the years. For the last few weeks, he has been looking through cookbooks and picking out a meal to make for us on Sunday. He goes shopping for any additional ingredients he needs and I help by chopping up the vegetables. It’s been a fun journey. I have enjoyed working as a team as we both strive to make better choices.

So, to answer my first thought. This is what’s gotten into me:  I’ve watched Roger take a step in a good direction and it has stirred something inside.

This morning as I thought about my Facebook post and my statement about being like Emeril, It dawned on me I should have used Julia Child as an example instead. This realization completely amused me too. Why you ask?  Well, Julia Child became inspired to cook shortly after she got married because, as a gift, her family gave her a copy of “The Joy of Cooking.”  I find this humorous because I recently read Margaret Feinberg’s book Fight Back with Joy and my small group has been doing her study on joy for the past 4 weeks.  Joy really is contagious!

After thinking about all this while sipping my coffee this morning, I opened up my joy study to begin today’s lesson.  My heart smiled when I did too. You know what today’s lesson happens to be about… brace yourself…feasting!!

I just want to end this post by saying this:  I’ve known this for years but today I was reminded about a beautiful characteristic of our Creator…He has an incredible sense of humor, And, as we journey further up life’s path, He will find ways to use every little experience we are going through to teach us the lessons we need to learn.

If ONLY we will have the appetite (see what I did there?) to seek these lessons out!

Today: open your eyes and crave more of Him and the gifts He is waiting to give to you along the way!  Who knows, you just might catch glimpses of Him in the chickpeas. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finding God Among the Chickpeas

    1. Eileen Post author

      That’s okay, Bill. Takes all kinds. Those who like to cook it, those who like to eat it. I still tend to prefer the eating more than the preparing. 🙂


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