Finding the Common Thread

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Recently, while talking to a friend, I was reminded again of how stories can be simultaneously different and similar.  I guess if I had to pick one aspect I love most about listening to another person’s journey it would be this.

I love seeing the common thread of humanity woven brightly through every story told.

Mistakes, failures, wrong turns…
successes, good choices, right turns

And, I love how hearing these stories, can evoke emotions in us simply because we took the time to listen.  We can experience empathy and we can experience joy in part because we often catch glimpses of ourselves in a story that we hear. The details and paths taken might be totally different yet, deep down, a part of us can relate because we all share that one common trait…the human one.

The other day I shared with you all how I’ve been feeling a nudge to get involved with a local group that educates our community on human trafficking. This is a perfect example of how I can’t relate to the horrific path these victims have had to journey. Yet, because of my own journey, I now have a heart and passion for seeing people live free.

As much as stepping in this direction makes no sense…it simultaneously makes all the sense in the world.  

As I was writing this post, the words to the song Amazing Grace came to mind.  One of the reasons those lyrics are so powerful…”I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” is because we’ve all been there…and some are still there.  Somewhere along this road called life, we’ve all experienced what it’s like to lose our way. We all know what it’s like to log time in the dark. We all know what it’s like to feel scared or alone.

So, I guess my encouragement for you is take time to look for the similarities in the stories that cross your path. Each person you meet this week shares more in common with you than you might first suspect. Take time to find the common thread.

One thought on “Finding the Common Thread

  1. Jenifer

    I like to people watch and I often wonder about other people’s lives. How they live, what their routines are, what they enjoy doing, etc. But I have never thought of a common thread linking them to me somehow. Beautiful post.


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