Finding the Words

This is the first time I’ve blogged since hearing about the brutal and senseless killings in Connecticut. Everyone mourns and processes things differently.  I tend to need time to take it all in. My Twitter feed and my Facebook exploded with comments. I couldn’t find the words to say anything for a few hours. Then, on Friday evening, I posted this:

I’ve been quiet today. Tragic events like this always seem to paralyze me for a little bit. Praying that those who are hurting will feel His Presence and His arms wrapped around them. “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.” Romans 8:26

Three days later and this is still my heart’s cry.  There is nothing I could write and nothing I could say that could even come close to the kind of comfort and peace that God’s presence is able to provide.  I want those who are hurting to experience that great love in the midst of their unimaginable pain.  I want that more than anything else.

My son and I took a trip to the park this morning.  It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm December day. On the drive home, I heard my son giggle in the back seat.  I looked in the rear view mirror and he had the cutest grin on his face.  I asked him what he was laughing about.

“Nothing,” he said, and giggled again.

I smiled. These are the moments I love with my son…simple, little moments like this.  My eyes filled with tears. These are the moments that have been taken away from so many moms and dads in Connecticut.  What could I possibly say to that?

Dear Lord, You are bigger than the pain.  You are bigger than the evil in this world.  Help us to grab hold of You and never let go.  You are our only hope.



4 thoughts on “Finding the Words

  1. Jenifer

    Eileen, I am still in complete shock over this. I have cried and hurt as if I was in that community. I cannot begin to imagine the hurt and pain of the families, even the neighbors and church families of those now gone. I also cannot begin to imagine the trauma and nightmares of those who witnessed this. My heart aches for them all and my lips utter prayers for them every few minutes.

    I am also treasuring each and every moment with my family. Hugging my kids closer. Telling them over and over how much I love them.

    It all just hurts so much.


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