Fingerprint Moments

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Prompt: LAST


Moments are like fingerprints.  We will never get this exact moment back. It’s the first time. It’s the last time. This moment will never play out exactly the same…no matter how often we find ourselves in a similar moment again.

I told my son that a couple of days ago as we started our long journey home from Arizona. It was the beginning of one of those days where I’m often tempted to put on blinders, go through the motions, and focus exclusively on the destination.

It was the end of our adventure where a part of me always wishes I had a pair of magical red shoes like Dorothy, shoes that could be tapped together and I could skip all the hours and all the effort of getting there.

Those spoken thoughts to my son were as much for me as they were for him. I needed to begin our trip remembering to be grateful for the in between moments, to pause and to see the unique beauty of right now. It’s a beauty that can be found simultaneously tucked away and sitting in plain view. I needed the reminder to open my eyes. I needed the reminder to not miss these fingerprint moments, these firsts and lasts, these gifts wrapped up and labeled Life.

8 thoughts on “Fingerprint Moments

  1. Joy Lenton

    These fingerprint moments can leave an indelible impression as we seek to squirrel them away in heart and mind, ready to look back on and enjoy all over again. Though we can never fully savour the flavour of ‘now’ or appreciate its “unique beauty..that can be found simultaneously tucked away and sitting in plain view” unless we learn to live well in the present and the in-between moments. Lovely thoughts here. Thanks, Eileen. xx


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