Food on Sticks and Other Gifts

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This year, because of our move to Georgia, my son went from attending a very small private school to a rather large public school.  In 3rd grade there were 10 students in his entire grade.  This year there are 100 kids in the 4th grade alone.  He seems to be adjusting fine. He loves all his teachers and is slowly connecting with a few other boys in his class.

A couple of weeks before school started, we both checked out the school website.  We discovered that his new school serves breakfast.  My son’s response to this news…

“Breakfast?  I can get breakfast?!?”

So for the sweet deal of one dollar, my son has eagerly asked to eat breakfast at school a few times this year, he’s tried both the waffle day and the scrambled eggs day.  The night before school, he will inform me that he would like to be dropped off early so he can have breakfast.  I love his excitement over this new opportunity.

In fact, I am waiting for him to tell me he wants to try Wednesday’s breakfast, a pancake on a stick. Because, really, who wouldn’t be excited about a pancake on a stick?  I have to say I’m curious.  If they served coffee, I’d probably be asking if I could go too.

I keep wondering when the newness of this adventure will wear off for my son. I wonder when it will no longer be a special treat and will simply be another morning in this young boy’s life.  Because that happens, doesn’t it?  The once special and new soon becomes common and routine.

I see it happening to me.  Instead of a 30 minute drive to civilization, (aka Walmart) I now have a less than 10 minute drive.  It’s cool and it’s new and yet it’s slowly becoming my life. We also have trash service in our new neighborhood, a luxury that wasn’t available to us for the last 12 years.  Shortly after we moved here, we had a pizza delivered. It was my son’s first time experiencing the joys of having dinner brought to his front door…hot and ready to consume.

A part of me never wants these new and special treats to become routine.  A part of me always wants to remember the blessing.  Sure, they’re little things…but they’re little things we so easily take for granted and forget to constantly receive them for the gifts they really are.

Today, I hope you take time to appreciate the small (yet BIG) conveniences in your day. Thank the Man upstairs for them.

Okay, gotta go get out of my pajamas now…eggs are on the school breakfast menu!!

10 thoughts on “Food on Sticks and Other Gifts

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    I’m not much of a breakfast eater when it comes to eating out or something big. I have a lady in the church who makes Tamales (she is Mexican) and ooh-la-la are they good! I eat them heated up. i will eat cereal (chocolate of some kind with choco milk. Sense a pattern?) On the flip side; I like what you are saying Eileen. Way too often and quickly the newness of our life in Christ wears off.

  2. Dave Arnold

    Great story Eileen! It’s the little things in life that make it so amazing, huh? And often those little things are what children find as a blessing. Thanks for this.

  3. Chris Monahan

    Had pizza on a stick once at a county fair, but never anything breakfast.
    It’s a blessing your son shows enthusiasm for the new stuff. While kids tend to adapt to changes a little earlier — they haven’t learned to fight change as many adults have — new school/friends aren’t easy.
    I attribute it to a good mother. 🙂



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