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The other day I wrote about the beauty of being able to run to Scenic Drive.  We can choose to run to the perfect One even when our circumstances are far from perfect. For years, I resisted this choice. The fear and the discomfort of leaving my familiar zone (no matter how much it sucked) kept me moving along in the wrong direction.

I believed the lies running through my mind that it was too late. Life might be miserable, but my only choice was to plaster a fake smile on my face and make the best of suck. My only choice (in my mind) was to keep doing what I was doing and hope the suck would one day magically stop sucking so much.

But the problem with suck situations, they don’t just stop sucking all by themselves. Typically, we don’t just fall into suck situations. So, unfortunately, we can’t suddenly fall out of them either.

Moving from suck to scenic takes intentional choices. 

When I think back on some of the choices in my life that started pointing me in the right direction, I always think of a charity walk I signed up to do years ago. At the time, the suck in my life was nearing maximum capacity.  It was then I happened to see this ad for a 3 Day breast cancer walk. The goal was to raise over $1700 and then walk 60 miles (20 miles, sleep in tent, 20 miles, sleep in tent, 20 miles, cross finish line)  The idea terrified me. I had never done anything like that before. I spent my weekends leading up to the event training by going out and walking 15 miles at a time.

My favorite part of the actual event was the conversations I would have with other charity walkers. Everyone I spoke to had signed up with a friend or a group of friends. Their reaction was always the same. You’re out here by yourself? 

That choice to walk taught me some lifelong lessons.

  • I could choose to do something bigger than me and my situation.
  • My suck situation didn’t have to dictate my actions or define me.
  • I could walk out of my familiar zone and live to tell about it.
  • Yes, there most certainly would be aches, pain, and discomfort along the journey but I could cross that finish line and choose to keep walking down scary and unknown paths.

The result:

All those steps down scary paths eventually led me to Scenic Drive.

One intentional step.

One intentional turn.

Then another.

Then another.

Is there a scary, intentional step you need to take into the unknown today?   Take it.

4 thoughts on “From Suck to Scenic

  1. Josh Greenwell

    I have had to start making intentional choice in my life. For my whole life I had just thought that things would fall together in my lap. Pretty dumb huh? But now I am making intentional decisions to shape the direction of my future! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Oh boy, Josh. I can relate to that kind of thinking. I often refer to my 20s as my “stupid years” 😉 Yet, if we learn and KEEP GROWING from our mistakes then those times are not in vain. AND…we get to help others along the way! Glad you are making intentional choices!


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