Getting Out of the Way

“So if God gave them the same gift he gave us who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could stand in God’s way?” Act 11:17

I love Peter’s reasoning and his humility in this statement. It reminds me of that Francis Chan statement. “You might think you have a good plan…but you don’t have a universe!”

Here’s my take on Peter’s reasoning: You know what God…I might not understand the plan fully, but You are God and I am not so it seems to me I should just get out of Your way and let You do Your thing.

I’m fairly certain Peter arrived at this level of trust via all the times he fell short of this level of trust…all the times he doubted or feared that maybe God’s plan wasn’t the best and had to learn the lesson (sometimes in a painful way) that God really IS in control.

I recently watched this great interview with Francis Chan. What a great example of following God’s plan even when it seems absurd.

Francis Chan on his downsized life

Has God ever prompted you to get out of the way?


8 thoughts on “Getting Out of the Way

  1. Tammy Schaefer

    Thanks for sharing Eileen. Yes, I have had to get out of the way as God has led me into the Martin County Jail. God gave me a heart to reach out to the women there, but it’s been a tough journey to go in there under the spiritual authority that’s already in place. God has told me to keep silent and He’ll open the doors. I’ve had to continually let go of my plan and trust Him and His timing!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Wow, Tammy. I bet that has been a challenging journey, and huge lesson on went to speak up and when to wait for His timing.

  2. bill (cycleguy)

    Love the video. That is way beyond my comfort level at this point although I can see downsizing. An amazing story though. As for getting out of the way? All the time. I tend to be a nuisance.


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