Glimpses of Glory and Brushes with Beauty

Yesterday morning I went to one of my favorite running locations. I was surprised to find the roads deserted. In fact, I ran six miles and did not spot a single other runner, walker or cyclist.

It was just me. However, I did encounter 18 deer along the way. Actually, I saw 22 but I’m fairly certain 4 of those were repeats.

I love running experiences like the one I had yesterday. Moments like this remind me of how glimpses of glory and brushes with beauty will often take place outside the limelight, along quieter and less popular paths.

When our stories collide with something truly lovely, it’s personal and intimate. The moment is often etched in our brain and in our heart forever.

Yesterday as I ran along I thought again about the day Christ arrived on the scene. When Glory came down to earth, He chose a stable instead of a five-star suite at the Ritz. He chose an intimate moment with a handful of witnesses rather than an impersonal stadium full of thousands. He chose the helpless form of a newborn in a crib rather than the form of a mighty and powerful dictator on a throne. He chose vulnerable and humble.

Jesus wasn’t desiring to make a scene, He was desiring to make a connection.

Jesus came to be a tangible part of our lives. He came in a way that said: I don’t want to just rule over you, I want a relationship with you too. The Savior of the world was no longer up there somewhere, but living and walking among us.

And, then, when it was time to leave us, when His time had come to wipe away our debt forever, He chose to take the vulnerable and humble route once again.

And, by doing so, He chose to make this connection, this relationship with us even more tangible by leaving behind a personal deposit. The Spirit of Truth became the assurance that we would never have to travel the road alone. He would always be with us.

Jesus knew we would experience seasons in our life when the paths we’d be asked to walk down might, at first glance, look deserted, or dark, or lonely, but nothing could be further from the truth. His Spirit is continually present to remind us that His glory, His beauty, His peace, and His power journey right along with us every step of the way.

And, sometimes, if we keep our eyes open, this Truth will leap elegantly across our quiet and solitude paths one winter morning in December.

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