Go…and tell EVERYONE!

She Speaks Conference

She Speaks is an annual conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries. The conference is offering a couple scholarships this year as well. The Lord has been nudging me for awhile now to continue pursuing my passion. The conference is designed to assist and encourage women who feel called to speak and/or write and serve and/or lead somewhere within ministry.

I would love to attend this conference. I desire to continue sharing Christ’s message in the most accurate and understandable way I can. I believe there is still so much more I can learn. And this conference is just one step towards equipping me to more effectively live out what I am most passionate about.

Several years ago, after one particular Sunday morning message at church, I was prompted (along with the rest of our congregation) to ask this question:

What are you passionate about?

Our passions give us an indication as to where and how we should be serving. As I thought about this question, I remember thinking how nice it would have been to be my husband answering this question. My husband is a talented drummer. He uses his talent and his passion to serve on the worship team at church. Although I did play clarinet in high school, I was pretty certain God was not calling me to run out and buy some new clarinet reeds and audition for the worship team.

I remember it being hard to put into words what I was passionate about. But this is what kept coming into my brain.

Lord, I want to inspire people. I have such a passion to share with people what Christ has done in my life.

I think about the passage in Matthew when Jesus says we are to be salt and light in the world. You don’t light a lamp and cover it with a bowl. In the same way let your light shine. This is what I feel so passionate about. God has done amazing things in my life and I just want to share this good news with those people the Lord puts in my path.

I was also thinking of a couple accounts in scripture when Jesus heals someone and then tells them not to tell anyone. I do understand why Jesus instructed those who were miraculously healed to be quiet. He didn’t want his ministry to turn into some sort of roadside show. But, I often think about how I would have responded to Jesus’ instructions.

Jesus: “Eileen, you are healed…now go… and tell no one.”

Me: What?!?! Are you kidding me?

Jesus…You just healed me! You just saved my life! People need to know what you are capable of doing. People need to know that it’s not too late. People need to know how much you love them. People need to hear Your message of hope!

Lord, I want to inspire people. I have such a passion to share with people what Christ has done in my life.

Since this revelation, I have had the opportunity to share my testimony in many different settings, with the girl’s youth group at church, with the entire church body on a Sunday morning, and while leading several small groups and bible studies. I was even invited to share my testimony at another church in town during a season when I was facilitating a Christian recovery group. Two years ago, I started writing again for the first time in over 15 years. I feel this blog is another avenue in which the Lord allows me to serve Him while pursuing my passion.

I am naturally a shy person who gets very nervous at public speaking. But, God has given me a passion to share the work He has done in my life. The joy of sharing far outweighs the nervousness I sometimes feel. I can only attribute this to God working through me. If He wants to accomplish something….He’s gonna do it!

So, on that note, I would love to attend the She Speaks Conference. I am hoping to be a recipient to one of the scholarships handed out this year.

Please take a moment to check out the She Speaks site. Perhaps God is nudging some of you in this direction too!

10 thoughts on “Go…and tell EVERYONE!

  1. Heidi

    Oh Eileen, She Speaks is wonderful! Kelli and I went last summer and we walked away with so much! We were on the writers track and my writing has changed so much from what we learned there! Praying for you… I can feel your deep passion for sharing your testimony and spreading the gospel!

  2. StLphotogirl

    I have never even heard of the She Speaks conference. Thanks for sharing about it. It sounds wonderful. I hope you are able to go.

  3. Jenifer

    Eileen, I am hoping to go as well. It is my goal for to be able to attend within the next few years. I have a blog post for the contest scheduled to post later today. I know God will have the person He wants to go to win this year. If I can not go this year, maybe next. 🙂

  4. Eileen

    Heidi- So glad to hear you had such a great experience.
    StLphotogirl- me too 🙂
    Jennifer- I look forward to reading your blog post! I think it's just a step of faith to verbalize it in our blogs. I was also reading through the conference testimonials and was encouraged by people who sent out sponsorship letters in order to go too. I would love to meet you and my other blogging friends!!

  5. Allison

    Good for you! I've registered for She Speaks (writer's track) and am sending Fundraising letters out this week!
    Maybe we can all get together if we all attend!

  6. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Eileen, my comments for you today are very much the same as I shared with Jenifer. I feel very Blessed to have connected with such an amazing and talented group. You're all wonderful, caring and talented women and I've gained much reading your postings each day. I pray that you also get this opportunity offered to you. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. Kandi

    Good luck to you Eileen! I hope to go within the next few years. I am so glad I got to know you. You have such a beautiful heart and I hope you get to share that at the She Speaks conference.

  8. Fields of gold

    I so hope you win Eileen!!! You are a daily beacon of light and hope through the words you share on your blog. And I'd love to meet you in person! 🙂

  9. deborahspalette

    Eileen so nice to meet you! I found your blog via the She Speaks site, I am on a mission to meet as many Christian women with a heart for God I can. I am hoping God will provide a path for us all to go to this Life changing event
    Good Luck and Gods Blessings, Deborah
    I hope you will stop by and get to know me a little @ http://www.artnsoulbydeborah.com


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