Harvesting cement

I was hesitant to share the following story with you for fear that you might think I’m a dork. But, I’ve decided to take that risk. When I moved to North Carolina about ten years ago, I drove the same strip of highway to and from town everyday. I would often see this on the side of the road.

You know what it looks like (from a distance) to someone who has never seen this sight before?

Big blocks of cement.

In fact, I began to notice that these things started cropping (pun intended) up overnight. One day they were not there and the next morning I would see two or three of them sitting side by side on the side of the road. The first few times I saw them I thought…I wonder what those big blocks of cement are for?

It wasn’t until I finally saw a boll buggy (that’s a new word for me, by the way) actually dumping a load of picked cotton, that the light bulb suddenly went on in my brain.

Oooohh…cotton…not cement…now THAT makes more sense. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you…dork.)

After this epiphany, I started to be little bit more observant to these fields as I drove by them everyday. To this day it amazes me that I never caught on that one day these fields were blanketed with cotton and the next day they were stripped bare. All I saw was the big block of harvested…cement.

And, just in case the above example doesn’t solidify my dorkiness, here’s another example of my brain/eyes playing tricks on me. It happened just last week. I recently returned to North Carolina after a week long trip back to my childhood home of Arizona. While on our vacation out west, we admired mountain after mountain after mountain. Then, we returned to North Carlina…to the flatter than flat portion of eastern North Carolina. I was leaving work one evening around dusk and viewed this scene off in the distance.

I was so confused. For a few seconds, I just stood there trying to process what my brain was actually seeing. It looks like mountains…but it CAN’T be mountains. How did mountains get here? I even went so far as to ask a coworker.

What are those?


Ooooh…clouds…not mountains…now THAT makes more sense. πŸ™‚

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes we see only what we want to see or only what we understand. Sometimes our eyes and our minds can deceive us.

These two instances (as dorky as they might sound) reminded of how easily our minds and our eyes can fool us. It’s so easy to see only what we desire to see or only what we understand. It is so easy for our minds to be led astray. Cotton can look like cement and clouds can look like mountains. These little examples remind me of the importance of staying connected to God’s truth. I need to remind myself of His truths on a regular basis. I need to be willing to allow Him to fix my sometimes skewed perceptions.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will isβ€”his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

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17 thoughts on “Harvesting cement

  1. Kelli

    This is great girl! You crack me up. I guess that makes me dorky because I totally thought those were mountains too… and the cotton thing too. Oh well, I do still have a little sandman in my eye as I write this! Great application, "It is so easy for our minds to be led astray. Cotton can look like cement and clouds can look like mountains." It is so easy to be led astray if we aren't in tune with God's presence in our lives.

  2. Jenifer

    Well, I must be a dork too because I sure didn't think it looked like cotton and yes it did look like mountains. πŸ™‚ With so many different ideas of God out there, we must stay connected with the one true God and know His truths. Great post Eileen!

  3. Jen

    My spirit just resounds with the loudest "YES!" I often need a spiritual eyes check up from God so that He might enable me to see the truth. Loved, loved, loved this post!

  4. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Eileen, this was nothing resembling "dorky" (trust me, being a dork myself I know whence I speak.. πŸ˜‰ ) but instead a wonderful example of how our perceptions are skewed by what we understand, or choose to understand. If we remain rooted in God's Truths however, all realities will become apparent in time.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Lisa

    It looked like cement to me too. I just stared at the picture wondering why on earth there would be cement in that field. πŸ™‚ But such a good point – our eyes will deceive us. We must remain in God and let Him give us new eyes. I want to see as He sees. Great post!

  6. Kristin Bridgman

    SO glad I came by here today. I laughed because you sound just like me. It does look like cement and I have never heard of a boll buggy. You have taught me something today and I love the analogy! Great post!

  7. Amy Sullivan

    Ha, I still see cement and mountains!

    Have I told you I'm an NC girl too? I can't remember if I mentioned that last time I was here.

  8. Kandi

    I see cement and mountains too!

    I love your analogy of how we should by faith and not by sight becuase yes our eyes will deceive us into thinking something is what it really isn't. That is a lesson I have been learning on this journey of mine.

    Blessings to you.

  9. Eileen

    well alright! I am neither not quite as dorky as I first thought I was or y'all are just in the boat with me πŸ˜‰

    Kristin, thank you for your comments and for stopping by!

    Amy, whereabouts in NC?

  10. Eileen

    oops that neither in my last comment should have read "either"…but you get the picture πŸ™‚

  11. Laura@OutnumberedMom

    Great examples of a skewed perspective. Such a good reminder that we need to take every thought captive and not let our perspective become skewed. Thanks!

  12. Debbie

    I was drawn to your post because of the weird title, good on you for that. I would be fascinated by the piles of "cement" too. I love oddities, especially visually interesting ones.
    Appreciate your comment: "Sometimes things aren't always as they seem. Sometimes we see only what we want to see or only what we understand. Sometimes our eyes and our minds can deceive us." A good reminder.

  13. Amy Nabors

    I have lived in the south all my life and grew up with cotton fields all around I can't say I've ever seen cotton in that state. Interesting. And you are so right that our minds and eyes can so easily deceive us.

  14. Eileen

    "I live in an antbed" (I love that by the way)–thanks so much for stopping by!

    Laura, yep, that's one of my favorite verse.

    Debbie, I love peculiar sights too. It's fascinating how they pile the cotton up like that!

    Amy, we have lots of cotton fields on the east side of the state! I definitely know this now…I've become a little bit more observant since this event πŸ™‚

  15. Pamela

    Well, I'm a northern girl so I would have landed on the dork side. πŸ™‚ I often pray, "Let me see the situation through Your eyes." Such a good analogy.



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