Healing on the Horizon

To what lengths am I willing to go for healing?

Am I ready to chase after it with as much desperation as a drunk intent on getting to her next fix?

Remember the focus?

You would lie and steal and deceive and betray just for another sip…and then another…and another…

no obstacles…just stubborn insane determination.

Healing must be pursued like this.

Do you want it and crave it as much as your next breath?

This is life or death…

which do you choose?

This is freedom or bondage…

which do you choose?

Do you run towards it with stubborn insane determination?

No obstacles will stand in your way.

He is mighty to save.

He will pave a path through your sea.

Believe it, live it, and receive it…it’s already yours

Do you see it on the horizon?

Squint if you must…but see it. 

The promised land

it waits for your arrival.




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