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Today, I welcome Sundi Jo back to The Scenic Route. Sundi Jo has been on quite a journey in her life…a journey that has taken her from believing lies to embracing truth. Thank you, Sundi Jo, for sharing a portion your new book with us today!  

Hi. My name is Sundi Jo. (sun-dee-jo) Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m stupid. I’m fat. I’m completely unlovable. My dad hates me and chose alcohol over loving me. I’m too ugly and no man will ever love me. I’ll never amount to anything and my mother will never understand me. You’re only talking to me because you have an ulterior motive, not because you really want to know anything about me.

Oh.. and how are you today?

If you had met me for the first time three years ago, those would have been the words swirling around silently in my mind as I shook your hand, smiling and pretending all was well.

I didn’t have the first clue how to take a compliment because I didn’t believe there was anything good about me.

Something tells me you’ve been there too.

Allow me to introduce myself now.

Hi. I’m Sundi Jo. I’m beautiful. I’m okay with me. This smile is mine and I love it. Thank you for complimenting my hair – I accept the compliment. My dad loved me through an addiction the best way he knew how. God has put a man in my life that displays His grace and love to me more than I ever could have asked or imagined. My mom is finally starting to get me and I’m starting to get her. I’m letting my guard down with you because I don’t have to be suspicious of everyone.

We let the world tell us who we are. We let family and friends speak lies over us that we start to believe. We let expectations of ourselves and others fill our minds so much that we believe the end will result in failure regardless of what we do.

That’s not true.

Satan has a blast filling our minds with pictures that may display themselves at true, but if we were too look closer, we could see the lies for what they really are.

It’s much easier to believe the lies, isn’t it? Telling ourselves truth, then actually taking the steps to believe it is hard work. It takes commitment.

Will you take the commitment with me today?

Sundi Jo is a writer, speaker, and small business owner, making her home in Branson, Missouri. She is the author of Liar Liar, a manifesto that will challenge you, change your heart, and lead you in the right direction to believe the truth about your true identity. You’ll find her engulfed in the social media world, spending time with friends and family, hanging out in a pair of jeans and flip-flops, or writing. Find Sundi Jo on Facebook or Twitter(@sundijo).

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